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Mrs. CEO: Women balancing business and love, meet Nadine Ramos

balance business and love

Photo credit: Tylik Hill

Is it really even possible to balance business and love?

In a world that wants us to think we can’t have it all, I refuse to believe we have to choose between having money and having a honey. Judging from social media and reality TV, you wouldn’t believe it was possible to be happily married at all. Add running a business to the mix and it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

So we took to the streets to find women who have it all to find out how they manage it all. They were eager to share the secrets that help them balance business and love. Each month, we’re sharing a new perspective from a new wife.

Meet Mrs. CEO: Nadine Ramos, owner of LasioInc

Do you believe there is a thing called balance when it comes to your role as a wife, mother and entrepreneur?

Yes, I learned this recently as a new mom. My experience has shown me that developing the art of saying no at times is key. Once you realize that it is impossible to get it all done at the same time, you are left with no choice but to prioritize.

Do you involve your spouse in your business? If so, how?

I love to involve the hubs in my business operations.  I do not often invite him physically to be involved, but more so as an emotional support system. He is the neutral party I turn to for advice on making decisions on a new product launch or marketing campaign. He is the one I roleplay with before I do a speaking engagement. This brings us closer together I think. He understands my role as an entrepreneur when I let him into my business world and I believe that helps him appreciate me more as a woman who balances home life and work life.

Do you believe you must take off the boss hat when you come home or is there a place for it in your household?

Taking the boss hat off is not easy because being a boss is of natural feeling and behavior. Practicing to change your tone at home when things need to get done may be challenging because most of us come home with adrenaline flowing after a long day at the office. It may take time to change the pace and put the home life hat on, but it’s totally possible if you exercise healthy habits to separate the two daily.

Is your spouse also a business owner? If so, does it help or hurt to have two entrepreneurs in the home?

My spouse is a not an entrepreneur and I thank God [laughs]. It’s hard with one entrepreneur at home. I think it may hurt, I mean can you imagine if there were two?

Share one piece of advice for any woman who wants to follow her dreams and her heart.

Be very stubborn with your dream … to the point where nothing or nobody could stop you!

Well, there you have it, another happy wife who’s making it happen! It truly is possible to balance business and love.

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