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‘Black Ink’s’ Ceaser spotted at Joseline Hernandez’s baby shower in Atlanta

Photo Credit @thebaddestputa8 instagram

Photo credit: Instagram – @thebaddestputa8

This drama going on between Dutchess and Ceaser from Vh1’s “Black Ink Crew” just gets messier by the minute. Recently, Ceaser was spotted at Joseline Hernandez’s baby shower in Atlanta accompanied by Teddy Ruxpin. Isn’t it interesting that Ceaser would be in Atlanta the day after Dutchess was spotted there?

Reality, Teddy Ruks, Dutchess of Ink- Photo Credit @thebaddestputa8 instagram

Photo credit: Instagram – @thebaddestputa8

Ceaser appeared to be in town on VH1 business and was likely a part of Vh1’s cattle call of reality stars needed to serve as guests at Joseline’s shower. The second order of business could have been to publicize the fact that he is getting another VH1 spin-off of the Black Ink franchise, “Black Ink Atlanta.” Ceaser wasted no time stepping into the Shade Room and stating the following: “Yo, this is Ceaser, the CEO of this whole ‘Black Ink’ brand and I done [sic] stepped into the Shade Room. I’m at Joseline’s party and I’m already turned up. ATL, what’s up? Oh yeah, I’m here for the ‘Black Ink Atlanta’ show coming soon. I just got verification from VH1. You already know, spin-off b—-es”

He went on to share that his weight loss is due to being back on the market: “I was in a relationship and all that s— but now a n—– skinny again so f— it, I’ll be skinny again like I used to be. Ya heard.”

Photo Credit @thebaddestputa8 instagram

Mariahlyn and Joseline Hernandez (Photo credit: Instagram – @thebaddestputa8)

Well, apparently, Ceaser is still single since coming back from Puerto Rico. Looks like this time it’s for real. No wonder Ceasar was up for the turnup as Joseline had strippers at the shower and everyone there seemed very turned up. Leave it to Joseline to have a baby shower with reality stars, strippers and alcohol.

Joseline's Cake Photo Credit @thebaddestputa8 instagram

Joseline’s cake (Photo credit: Instagram – @thebaddestputa8)

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