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5 New Year’s resolution apps to help you level up in 2017

Apps to help you achieve your New Years resolution goals
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It’s that time of the year for the usual new year new you, getting to this money, and cutting people off resolutions. We enter into the year with the best of intentions, but old habits die hard and too often we’re back to our old ways come warmer weather.

It’s true that your smartphone can be one of the biggest distractors to productivity, but when it comes to keeping those resolutions, your smartphone can actually be your best friend.

Here are 5 Apps that can help you gain positive traction on your 2017 goals and resolutions.

1. Get Your Money Up

Resolution: I’m going to save money.

App solution: Intuit’s Mint

Personal Finance and Money Manager Mint makes it possible to track income and expenses, sync up with your existing financial accounts, set up a budget and start saving now. The dope thing is that tt even breaks down your current spending habits by category, to make areas of opportunities to save even more clear. Information can be accessed from multiple mobile devices, as well as your desktop or laptop computers.

2. Work Smart, Play Hard

Resolution: I’m going to step my career focus up

App solution: Quip

Until Time-Turners are real, you can’t be in two places at one time. But let me introduce you to quip. This business suite connects the who team no matter where you are. You can keep in close contact with your boss, employees or project mates. Similar to google chat you dive into an active group document, add a few key points to a spreadsheet or chat with teammates. From anywhere.

3. Declutter and Get Organized 

Resolution: I’m going to get and stay organized.

App solution: 24me

Life is full of deadlines, appointments, social engagements, birthdays, meetings, and kid’s school and extracurricular activities. If you drop the ball on one or a few of these things you might need a pocket-sized personal assistant.

Take out the work of trying to remember and get organized with 24me. This to-do app takes a glance at your calendars, contacts, notes and lists and manages it all with at-a-glance day plans and smart alerts.

4. Zero out your mailbox 

Resolution: I’m not going to have 36,000 emails for zero reason.

App solution: Mailbox

When you have a clean inbox it strips you from the stress of wondering what you need, what you don’t need and who you need to respond to. Furthermore it makes you feel more productive. But when you have what seems like an infinite number of emails actually getting to zero is much easier said than done. Enter Mailbox, which helps users effortlessly organize their inbox by allowing you to quickly decide when and how to respond to each message. The app’s auto swipe feature makes it even easier by learning your preferences over time to automatically complete frequently repeated actions for you.

5. Manage Multiple Goals

Resolution: I’m going to put effort towards reaching my goals.

App solution: Strides Goals & Habits Tracker

This is the perfect app for the people who make multiple goals when resolution time comes around. Through the app, users can set many different goals whose progress is each tracked by a green progress bar. If your goals are to pay off a debt or save for a down payment on a home by by the end of the year, then you can watch the green bar in the app inch its way further and further as you make progress. The cool thing is that you now have a tangible marker for success in achieving your personal milestones.

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