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Family pitbull stabbed, tasered and shot after being forced to put on sweater

Brenda Guerrero and her husband Ismael Guerrero were mauled by their pitbull named Scarface (Photo Credit: Facebook/Brenda Guerrero and Scarface-TV screen shot)

Brenda Guerrero and her husband Ismael Guerrero were mauled by their pitbull named Scarface (Photo Credit: Facebook/Brenda Guerrero and Scarface-TV screen shot)

People like to put their pets in cute outfits around the holiday season and take family photos. But what happened to one Florida family and their pitbull should be a lesson that some dogs just don’t like ugly Christmas sweaters either. A pitbull named Scarface really hated the ugly Christmas sweater his owners were trying to put on him. Brenda Guerrero, 52, from Tampa, Florida, was in her backyard when the pitbull bit down on her arm. Her husband came running out to check on her. When Ismael Guerrero, 46, tried to pull the pitbull off his wife, the animal then began attacking him.

The couple’s son Antoine Harris, 22, ran out and stabbed the dog in the neck and head as the family fled back into the house and called animal control. Tampa police and Hillsborough County Animal Control arrived and shot the dog with a tranquilizer dart but Scarface seemed unfazed and was able to enter the house. It was then that a police officer used his taser on Scarface but like the character played by Al Pacino in the classic movie Scarface, the dog still didn’t go down. Police stated that the animal somehow was able to get the taser prongs off his body and then attacked once more and was hit with a shotgun bean-bag round. The officers were then able to use a catch pole and place a noose around the dog’s neck and subdue it.

Both Guerreros were taken to the hospital for their injuries and Brenda Guerrero’s injuries are considered serious, but not life-threatening. The dog is currently in the custody of animal control. Neighbors of the Guerreros stated that the dog sometimes got out of its yard and ran free in the neighborhood but never appeared aggressive or harmed anyone.


  1. Gabriel Barros on January 3, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Where’s all those fatal Golden Retriever attacks? Pit bull advocates claim “all dogs bite”.

    Pit bulls kills more than all other breeds COMBINED. There is no more murderous dog than the pit bull fighting dog.

    These people can no longer voice their opinion on the pit bull problem.

    December 2014
    Portage, IN Edward L. Cahill, 40, Fatal pit bull attack (Christmas Day)
    Corpus Christi, TX Rita Woodard, 64 Fatal pit bull attack

    November 2014
    Robeson County, NC Alemeaner Dial, 83 Fatal pit bull attack

    October 2014
    Stanislaus County, CA Juan Fernandez, 54 Fatal pit bull attack

    September 2014
    Sharp County, AR Alice Payne, 75 Fatal pit bull attack
    Benton County, MS David Glass Sr., 51 Fatal pit bull attack

    August 2014
    Miami-Dade County, FL Javon Dade Jr., 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    St. Charles County, MO Deriah Solem, < 2 Fatal pit bull attack
    Levy County, FL Joel Chirieleison, 6 Fatal pit bull attack
    Butler County, OH Cindy Whisman, 59 Fatal pit bull attack

    July 2014
    Montgomery County, OH Johnathan Quarles, Jr., < 1 Fatal pit bull attack
    Hillsborough County, FL Logan Sheppard, 4 Fatal pit bull attack

    May 2014
    New Haven County, CT Rita Pepe, 93 Fatal pit bull attack
    Kent County, DE Kasii Haith, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Lee County, AL Katie Morrison, 20 Fatal pit bull attack

    April 2014
    Highlands County, FL Jessica Norman, 33 Fatal pit bull attack
    Bexar County, TX Petra Aguirre, 83 Fatal pit bull attack
    St. Clair County, AL John Harvard, 5 Fatal pit bull attack

    March 2014
    Kaufman County, TX Dorothy Hamilton, 85 Fatal pit bull attack
    Holmes County, MS Christopher Malone, 3 Fatal pit bull attack
    Terrebonne Parish, LA Mia DeRouen, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Maricopa County, AZ Nancy Newberry, 77 Fatal pit bull attack

    February 2014
    Guilford County, NC Braelynn Coulter, 3 Fatal pit bull attack
    Bell County, TX Je'vaeh Mayes, 2 Fatal pit bull attack

    January 2014
    McLean County, IL Kara Hartrich, 4 Fatal pit bull attack
    Comal County, TX Betty Clark, 75 Fatal pit bull attack
    Harris County, TX Christina Bell, 43 Fatal pit bull attack

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  3. e small on January 11, 2017 at 2:57 am

    Pit Bulls are dangerous dogs:

    There are more than 25 media reports of pit bull attacks on people per week

    Pit bull attacks are rarely “dog bites”. Most attacks require hospitalization.

    Pit bull attacks are one of the biggest public safety issues in America today. In the last 3 months of 2015, pit bulls killed more people than Dobermans killed in 60 years.

    More than 1 in 40 pit bulls killed or seriously injured another animal in 2013-2014. By comparison, only 1 dog in 50,000 of all other breed types combined killed or seriously injured another animal.

    Pit bulls are zero-error dogs. There is zero room for mistakes like gates, doors or windows left open or unlocked; for leashes, chains and muzzles breaking or coming loose; or for people not strong enough or experienced enough to prevent attacks.

    Pit bull attacks have increased 830% in seven years in the US and Canada.

    In addition to attacks on people, pit bulls killed 24,000 other dogs and 13,000 cats in the US in 2015, or 66 dogs per day. (From National Pit Bull Victim Awareness).

  4. :) on April 22, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    My cattle dog saved a child from one of these monsters