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Pastor with multiple sex tapes refuses to step down as church leader

Photo: via Salem Missionary Facebook page

Rev. Hosea Stubblefield appeared to be a young leader who could guide the next generation at Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Houston. The 32-year-old seemed to have a bright future in the ministry. However, all of that changed when the actions he took in the dark came to light.

According to Fox 26, Stubblefield had an affinity for making sex tapes. Stubblefield’s sex tapes became known after a woman he allegedly dated revealed their relationship on a blog post by Melanted Conversations. The woman, known as B. Coll, wrote about her sexual relationships with Stubblefield. The two met when they were teens and lost contact before reconnecting 15 years later on a dating app.

B. Coll posted several clips of a sex tape that she discovered on Stubblefield’s computer. She recorded the sex videos. B. Coll eventually decided to end their relationship in September 2016 after he requested that she make a sex video with him. In several screenshots from alleged text messages between the two, Stubblefield pressured B. Coll to have sex on video.

But B. Coll refused to make a sex tape and told him that she would never do so until he decided to propose marriage. Stubblefield became dismissive and told B. Coll that they should just be friends. Heartbroken, B. Coll finally realized that Stubblefield was using her for sex.

Once the blog post went live, members of the congregation questioned Stubblefield, who is recently divorced. Several members called for him to step down as pastor. One of the individuals who called for Stubblefield to step down included head deacon Craig Davis. Stubblefield once dated Davis’ daughter.

Stubblefield decided to admit his transgressions and revealed that he has recorded between 5 to 10 sex tapes over the past 10 years. He said that he did not make a sex tape during his tenure as pastor at Salem over the past year. But B. Coll said that she saw more than 10 sex videos while they were together. Stubblefield has served as a preacher for a decade.

Stubblefield has asked his congregation for forgiveness and wants to remain as the church leader at Salem Missionary. But Stubblefield should step down, take the time to work on himself and address what could be a sex addiction.

It’s likely that controversy inside the church will continue if Stubblefield remains as pastor.

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