Tashbina Wahid pens ‘The Fast Lane’ so millennials won’t make the same mistakes

Tashbina Wahid (photo courtesy)

Tashbina Wahid is a diamond consultant and author of The Fast Lane. Here, “Bina” as she’s affectionately called, shares how she transformed from an exotic dancer to an entrepreneur on a mission to teach women and girls to shine through life’s toughest challenges. She’s a mentor and founder of Saving our Gems.

Read what she says about a life that’s easy to get into but hard to leave.

Why did you write The Fast Lane?
My ultimate goal for writing The Fast Lane was to change lives and heal people by being transparent about everything that I had been through.

Own decisions you’ve made and grow from them.

When I endured teenage pregnancy and attempted suicide, it was due to lack of self-love. When I came into contact with a dysfunctional family, I yearned for a peace of mind. As a result of all the chaos, I dropped out of college because I was unable to maintain a high GPA. I’ve never been that book smartest girl in class. I had to study and get tutors to maintain my grades. On the other hand, my sister was in the gifted classes and earned college credits while in high school.

What’s the story behind the title?
I loved fast cars and I was living my life very fast. I didn’t even realize it. I was in survival mode so I was doing everything I had to do to survive. Sometimes it wasn’t fun or comfortable, especially sleeping with someone for money to pay a major debt.

What do you hope readers will learn from reading your book?
[Despite] the most shameful and embarrassing things in your life and circumstances, you will overcome. The relationship I have with God, attending church regularly despite the chaos is what helps me want to be a better woman. Stop judging people. Help them. Inspire them. If you can’t do that at least pray for them. Be very protective of your space. Feed off positivity. Find mentors who are doing exactly what it is that you want to do.

What separates you from others in your field?
Most people that look like me won’t be transparent. People love to have you thinking they have it all together. You won’t know that they’re being abused at home, that they’re messing with a married man, that someone molested them in their family and they haven’t learned how to deal with it and that’s why they struggled in other areas in their life. When you are finally delivered, you are able to face all the things you’ve been through. You will stop running from things and will learn to confront them. Your future is based on what you feed your mind. Clean up your attitude. Become your best self. Have people around you that want to see you grow and not stay stagnant.

How do you stay at the leading edge of your craft?
Keep re-inventing yourself and you must invest in you.

Position yourself to win. I knew that I had to invest in a very nice website to start to brand myself. Everyone that knew from my community would support me but what about the people who knew3 nothing about me.

They needed to know who I was and where I am from. And, I knew every woman and man needed to hear my story. It was important for men to read my story because they needed to know certain things that I shared in my book about relationships, and about the street life. There are only two ways out if you don’t change your life around: get locked up or die.

Stay connected with the latest trends but make them your own and network with powerful women to help you build that platform and support each other.


Name three of your favorite books that changed how you view life, yourself or both. 
Aprille Franks-Hunt, CEO of ìWomen Recharged and author of Confessions of An Independent Woman: Truth, Lies and Relationships
Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life is my go-to book when I find myself getting off track from my life’s purpose.
Tony Gaskins’ The Dream Chaser inspires me and is such a good read because you may not have the time, resources, education or finances to make your dreams come true. But if you have the mindset and ambition to keep following your dreams and positioning yourself to win.

I also recommend you find free seminars, go to free speaking engagements, and connecting with others in the field of interest.

What is new with Tashbina and what can we expect for 2017?
Branding is so important. I was able to finally come up with a catchy name for my waist trainers Bodied By Bina, which is doing very well. I’ve been selling the waist trainers now for about two years and actually waist training myself for about seven years now.

My dating book will be launched in October. I have some exciting events lined up to promote my book like singles mixers, speed dating and Cocktails and Conversations with Tashbina. My ultimate goal is for at least one love story to come out of these events. Find true love is so hard in Atlanta.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would have more patience, forcing myself to slow down and stay calm under pressure.

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