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Beyoncé reportedly still planning to perform at Coachella

Photo Credit: Instagram - @beyonce

Photo Credit: Instagram – @beyonce

The news of Beyoncé’s pregnancy spread like the hottest and swiftest wildfire around the web last week as fans learned that the megastar is not having one but two babies later this year. Understandably, the web exploded with commentary about the already-famous twins. But one piece of related news was the uncertainty about Beyoncé headlining this year’s Coachella festival. Despite earlier reports claiming that Bey would back out of the festival, new reports claim that Bey is still planning to headline the show.

As previously reported, once Bey announced her pregnancy this week, as well as posted a full photo album of her baby bump, many fans assumed that she would be cancelling her headlining Coachella performance in April. Some reports even claimed that Bey would be keeping the alleged $1 million check she was receiving to headline the festival.

However, according to the latest reports, Bey still plans to hit the stage with her two bundles in the oven and she plans to bring guests to perform with her, as well. Sources say that Bey will bring two big name acts to perform with her onstage and that she already booked housing arrangements for them in the desert of Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The sources also say that both supporting acts already knew that Bey was pregnant.

Few details have been revealed about Bey’s special guests, but sources say that one of them is a part of her husband Jay Z’s Roc Nation roster. The other artist is from another label but is reportedly a close friend of Bey’s. Both artists reportedly blocked off time in their schedules for this performance so there’s no way they plan to cancel the gig now.

It’s still unclear how Bey will handle performing in April when she’ll possibly be in her third trimester, but it looks like she’s determined to give her fans a show … sitting or standing.


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