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3 tips to recharging your resolutions

Photo credit: Uber Images /

Photo credit: Uber Images /

As the excitement of the new year has worn off, many have expressed that their new year’s resolutions have taken a backseat. While lifestyle changes come with good habits, it’s important to remember that maintaining the changes is a marathon and not a sprint. Here are three ways to recharge your resolutions and continue on the journey of positive lifestyle changes.

Revisit your why

Taking time to refocus your attention on why you resolved for change is the most important step in altering your mindset. Complete an engaging activity like creating a list of all the reasons you resolved to change to remind yourself why you got started and why you should continue.

Check your intentions

Oftentimes, resolutions are created in spite of conversations, recommendations, and pressures from others. It’s vital to check your intentions and ask yourself, is this something I want to do, or something that was recommended? If you are unsure or don’t feel passionate about the changes you have resolved to make, chances are that continuing to throughout the year isn’t going to get any easier. Check your intentions and truly make sure they are positive and pure as far as your reasoning for making lifestyle and business changes.

Adjust your strategy

Maybe you’ve got the right intentions, and know why you’re making these changes, however, you still feel as if January was a false start. You indeed have everything in order but your strategy could be wrong. Taking the time to revisit your strategies regularly is crucial in attracting consistent change and development. While one strategy may not have proved itself fruitful to you, critically evaluating each step in your processes and rating its success factor for you can help you maintain positive forward momentum. Change is a constant, and adjusting your strategies regularly can help you gain clarity and focus.

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