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‘Beyond Love’ gives gritty details about an open marriage

Photo credit: G'oni Jones

Photo credit: G’oni Jones

Akia Brown, the first lady of B.M.B Entertainment and a serial entrepreneur, recently launched her book Beyond Love in Detroit. This book invites the readers into her world with her open marriage, wives-in-law, jealous women, and a man who wants to love everyone.

Rolling out was able to chat with. Akia Brown to get the dirt on her new book and her nontraditional life.

So how did the book came about?

Beyond Love tells you about who I am and how I got to here. When I first met my husband Brian Brown, CEO of B.M.B Entertainment, but known as Peanut, I was not a share my man kind of woman. I had to grow and know in life everyone just wants to be loved. My husband just wants to love everyone and help them. If I was another woman, I would fall in love with him. He’s very honest. I asked him for the truth and he gave it to me. Most men lie and he didn’t so I respect that. That is why I wrote this book.

What does Beyond Love mean?

Beyond Love means that I love him beyond the norm. I have no limits with my husband and I love him unconditionally. Everyone has a breaking point, but as long as he’s loving me, honoring me, and respecting me, I don’t have a problem with anything that he does. He’s a purpose driven man. He’s not just sleeping with these women but enhancing and benefiting their lives.

Can you share something about the book?

I wrote about my husband doing a 10-year bid in a federal prison and I stood by his side all the way through. I never cheated or swayed; I remained faithful. I did the bid with him. My curfew was 11 p.m. and I was there. I wanted to make him feel comfortable and let him know that while he [was] in the situation he [was] in, he had someone out here who really loves [him]. Also in the book, I talk about how I broke into the federal prison to be with my husband. I ran through the cornfields with a blowup mattress on my back. Now that’s beyond love. We conceived two children while he was incarcerated. Peanut even had two kids outside of our marriage. This book tells the whole story and steps to how I got here. I teach people how to come outside of themselves and face [their] fears. Realize everyone wants to be loved and wants to be accepted.

On top of writing, how many jobs do you have?

I am a real estate agent, event planner, and I have a book publishing company, Beyond Love Publishing, where I self-published my book. I also own Brown Community Builders, which is a property management company where I manage and own over 30 properties here in the city of Detroit.

Talk about The Aristotle Project.

The Aristotle Project is named after my youngest son and it is a financial literacy program. My oldest daughter graduated from high school and she didn’t know how to write a check. It bothered me that they didn’t teach her that in school. My son went to college and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management and he didn’t really know how to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to give the inner-city youth and young underprivileged adults the opportunity to have a better financial life.

Talk about your upcoming reality show on Lifetime.

The show is called “Detroit Dynasty” and it’s a tell-all true story about my husband and I. I can’t give out many details so you’ll have to tune in to the show.

What exactly is an open marriage?

An open marriage for us is my husband and I being legally married, however, I know my husband has intimate loving relationships with other women and it’s OK.

Are you allowed to see other men?

He says I can as long as I bring it to the table, but I never felt the need; my husband fulfills my every need, plus I’m not that type of woman anyway.

We understand your nickname is “N—– What.” Where did you get that name?

It was a nickname that the streets gave me because after being in a relationship for five years with my daughter’s father and being lied to and deceived, I got that attitude like I don’t need a N—–. I would say, “N—– what? What do you want?” when I was approached. I thought, “What could you do for me?” At that time, I owned three properties and was working at Chrysler; I was self-sufficient. You couldn’t offer me anything but time in bed and half the time that wasn’t good.

Going back to these women you call “wives-in-law,” are all you ladies friends?

Charlie Baltimore which is one of my wives-in-law, we had a very good relationship. You have to be open and understanding. Sabrina and I are cordial but we’re not friends. I talk about her in my book. We’re not friends, but I deal with her. My husband actually has a child by her. I respect her because of the respect I have for my husband. Charlie and I have been on dates for Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day; she’s even spent the night before. No, we weren’t in the same bed; I’m not attracted to women.

Where can we find your book?

You can find my book on my website at The book is now on pre-sale.


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