Did Matt Jordan lay hands on Peter Thomas over Instagram video?

Matt Jordan- Photo Credit @Mattjordanbrand IG
Matt Jordan (Photo credit: @Mattjordanbrand IG)

Apparently, Matt Jordan has let his rant on social media get the best of him and allegedly he went to see Peter Thomas face-to-face to find out what went wrong in the plan. The only reason Jordan has been able to put up with all of Kenya Moore’s ridiculous tactics were for two reasons. Number one, she was his queen and all the royal treatment came with the title; babysitting the dogs, driving her around, waiting for her when she wasn’t feeling well, as she continued to treat him like “dirt,” according to Jordan.The second and most important reason was for the payoff date in the end. The $10,000 reward at the end of the reason which only required Jordan to be present during the reunion show for the taping of the finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The other day Matt took it to social media to rant going off about Kenya Moore being what he called “a lieing [sic] sack of ****. Keep pretending like you have a man or you have somebody special when the only thing you had that was special was me. You treated me like the dirt that was on the bottom of your shoe on a daily basis and everyone told me to be patient with you and to love you and it would change. Tell that brotha that you are trying to pull off as a love interest how demonic you are. You and I both know that’s probably one of them married Africans that you were selling your body to in Nigeria. Make sure he doesn’t have to find all of that out from somebody else.

“Make sure he comes in early and feeds the pupies [sic], make sure he comes in at 3:00 in the am and hold you in his arms when you are coming in late from having surgery. Make sure the next house that you get that he’s there from sun up to sun down making sure you are happy. Make sure she never knows what a door handle feels like, Make sure he comes as close to being Matt Jordan as he possibly can. But brotha most important of all make sure you secure that bag when she tells you that she is going to pay you when you are ready to stop filming because it is affecting your relationship in a negative way, make sure she gives you the money right then or that she puts it in writing or she gives you the money right then.”

Jordan has since deleted this Instagram rant. Then Jordan took it to Instagram live to continue to rant not only against Moore but toward Thomas and Todd Tucker who allegedly coached him on how to get his money from Moore. According to Jordan, Thomas and Tucker claimed they were his friends and they would always have his back. Thomas even allegedly promised Jordan a VIP section during CIAA weekend at his club and according to Jordan, Thomas didn’t even answer the phone when he called. Tucker also stopped returning his phone calls. Perhaps Jordan got wind of Thomas’ Instagram video on his page @Peterthomasrhoa where Thomas told Jordan not to blame him and Tucker because he didn’t know how to handle Moore to get his money.

Peter Thomas - @peterthomasrhoa
Peter Thomas – @peterthomasrhoa

Allegedly, Jordan drove to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Thomas caught those paws that “LHHATL’s” Lil Scrappy is always talking about. The only folks present were Thomas’ employees, a Radio One employee and a videographer. There is video of the entire feud but it will be released on another media platform. Hopefully, rolling out will be able to obtain a copy of the video. Jordan did not sign the radio station’s release for the video to go public, so whoever releases it will be doing so without his permission. Also, Jordan had no comment on the reported assault but has retained an attorney to help resolve the situation.

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