Lady Candy LaFlora of Maranatha Church of God In Christ


Photo courtesy of Candy LaFlora
What is your husband’s name? 
Stephen LaFlora
What church do you preside at as the first lady? 
Maranatha Church Of God In Christ
How many years have you had that title? 
5 years
Do you preach along with your husband?  
Does it seem like you are a pastor along with him? 
What does it mean to be a first lady? 
believe it means that you help set the pulse of the church like the mother in the home.
What is the most challenging part of being a first lady? 
The expectations of others.
What is the best part of being a first lady? 
Having a voice to impact lives.
Did you ever think you would become who you are today? 
A leader, yes; a pastor’s wife, no. 
How do you balance church and home life? 
You remind yourself that we are a team. God is the head of the team. And when the church lights go off, we were husband and wife, before we were pastors.
What is your advice to future first ladies or those who already serve in the capacity?
Never let people make you their God. We could never measure up that high.

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