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Meet Candice Nicole, the brand builder

Candice Nicole
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Rolling out aims to share the authentic secrets of fearless female entrepreneurs. This week, we sat down with Candice Nicole, CEO of Candice Nicole Public Relations and creator of Women Who Hustle. As a woman who wears many hats, she’s truly an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Find out how she’s able to do what she does:

How did you discover your purpose?

This is such a great question because I thought PR was my purpose, however, I am realizing it is a passion of mine. My purpose is actually speaking to inspire others to get up and do it! To encourage them not to wait for those opportunities. If you want it, create a plan of how to go get it! My passion for PR created this platform so I could begin to speak about PR, what it is, how it can benefit an individual or business, etc, but then another chapter opened up when I went full time in my business. That chapter was me going into a new space of speaking on entrepreneurship, women empowerment + more!

How long did it take for you to turn your passion into profit?

I started my PR firm 10 years ago and being a publicist had already been around, however, more and more were doing it solo so I most definitely had to prove myself. I would say it took me about a year and a half to make a profit. However, I may have been able to start to make a profit before a year, but I also needed to dig deep inside and [I] said, “Candice, you have shown yourself over and over again. It’s time to charge!”

What advice can you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs who feel frustrated because they haven’t discovered their purpose?

Just keep going. Yes, I am sure you keep hearing that but it’s the truth. Stay focused, determined and stay the course. Your purpose will reveal itself to you and it most likely won’t be at the perfect time, but it will be the right timing for you. Try not to rush the process because timing is everything. 

What has been the biggest benefit of taking the leap of faith to explore entrepreneurship?

Feeling free! I also love being the one in my family and friends that can show it possible. It’s possible that you can do what it is you love and make live a rich life. Not in money, but in your sanity. Another benefit that sticks out to me and being able to travel to see family whenever I need to because all I need smartphones phones and my laptop. It’s one of the most scariest and craziest decisions I have ever made in life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know I am here to inspire, to be a vessel and it’s my honor to be chosen to do so. 

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