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Steve Harvey claims Donald Trump is keeping his word on low-income housing

Photo Credit: Facebook - @SteveHarvey
Photo Credit: Facebook – @SteveHarvey

Steve Harvey believes that President Donald Trump is keeping his word. During a short interview with a “TMZ” videographer, Harvey shared his thoughts on Trump.

The videographer pointed to the fact that Harvey was one of a few prominent Black people to meet with Trump following the election. After the meeting with Trump, Harvey looked uncomfortable as Trump smiled as photographers took photos of the two in the lobby of Trump Plaza. Harvey told reporters that the meeting was about helping low-income people find housing. Harvey caught backlash for the meeting from thousands who voiced their displeasure on social media and celebrities such as T.I. and D.L. Hughley.

The TMZ videographer asked Harvey if Trump is keeping his promise. Harvey responded by saying, “As far as doing what he promised me he’d do, he’s doing it,” Harvey said he’s working with Trump and Carson to  “get some housing for underprivileged people.”

But while Harvey claims that Trump has kept his word, Harvey should take a look at Trump’s budget proposal. Trump’s budget would cut $6B from the Housing of Urban Development. Over 75 percent of the agency’s budget is allocated to help the underprivileged pay rent. If $6B is likely to be cut from HUD, it’s obvious that Trump has not kept his word to Harvey.

Harvey must take a stand when it comes to Trump because he is one of only a few Blacks who Trump actually respects in some capacity. He can’t take Trump’s words at face value without looking into his actions. It’s irresponsible on every level.

If Trump is allowed to have his way when it comes to HUD, a meeting with Harvey won’t reverse the fact that more poor people will be on the streets in the next four years.

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