Photo credit: Splash Media/ Sean Paul

Rap star Sean Paul has called on Drake to give more credit to Jamaican music.

The 44-year-old rapper – who hails from Kingston, the capital of Jamaica – has pointed to Drake’s use of dancehall music on “One Dance’ and argued he should have given greater “accolades” to the country for the hit single.

He explained, “I think at the time when it was popping off, it would have been good for him to actually put accolades towards the whole culture.

“He’s friendly with a few people in the business in Jamaica and that’s good, I love it.

“But if he had given more accolades when he was actually making it and said ‘this is the music I love’, it would have been cool.”

The rap star said Drake has made “an album full of dancehall” and therefore, the Jamaican feels he should show more respect towards the genre.

He told, “Ed Sheeran has done one song that is huge and it’s dancehall reminiscent.

“But that is one song, he [Drake] had an album full of dancehall so I think he should have paid a bit of an accolade and told people in the press that is where I’m coming from, I have a love for that music.”

Meanwhile, Sean revealed he is gradually getting used to his newfound role of being a dad, having welcomed his first child – a son called Levi Blaze – in February this year.

He quipped, “It’s been three months now and I’m getting the daddy muscles!

“A lot of stuff has changed, but it’s only for the better. He’s brought light into our lives and we’re really thankful.”

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  • VLF

    Dear A. Darnell, Sean Paul is a Dancehall Dj/artist not a rap star nor rapper. Rap star assumes he raps and is part of the hip hop culture. In the Dancehall culture Djs are artists that rhyme and put words together called “chatting” not rapping. Dancehall culture calls the ones who play music, spin records and move the crowds ‘Selectors’. Rappers are akin to the rhythmic American poetry that was birthed in the USA and not Dancehall Djs.