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  • Ronnie Bangé

    Et s’il enlevait le nid d’hirondelles qu’il a dans les cheveux. Vraiment le pire président que les américains aient pu avoir.

  • Oak510finest

    Let that woman be! But him making this announcement certainly has an alterior motive.

  • http://www.CreditBureauAid.com/ Natani el

    Who cares? Trump is a P-U-N-K a punk that is scrambling to keep from being impeached. There is exactly 100% ZERO chance of Cuba doing a damn thing that the Punk president of the U.S. our national clown demands. That punk had a war plane shot down flirting with World War trying to deflect the world’s attention away from him and his criminal enterprises domestic and foreign. TRUMP IS A PUNK.

    • Ronald Burgess

      And you’re an idiot.

      • Conchella Cheatham

        No you’re the idiot! Brainless Trump supporter

  • Vixenette

    How about somebody find Tupac’s killer…where is THAT murderer? Leave his aunt alone after 40 years, President Azzhole!