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Fashion » EyeDope introduces exciting eyewear

EyeDope introduces exciting eyewear

(Photo courtesy of EyeDope)

Who doesn’t like to don fashionable eyewear? Just two months ago, Ron McCoy lifted the curtain to introduce the world to his collection of globally inspired sunglasses. In this new twist to a centuries-old industry, EyeDope is differentiating itself from its competition. The brand seeks to grab the attention of the fashion-forward and socially conscious individual who takes their visual impression seriously.

Boasting an impressive résumé working for decades in finance and accounting for companies such as Kodak, Motorola, AT&T, as well as his alma mater, HBCU Florida A&M University, McCoy has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

How did you come up with the concept for EyeDope?

I was watching a “Shark Tank” marathon over Christmas break when the idea for EyeDope came to me. I always felt a certain passion for the entrepreneurs whose ideas were being shot down. I felt bad for them, you know? I really rooted for the entrepreneur to come out on top. Initially, the concept was to make a line of contact lens cases with a bit more flair than the norm to store contacts in. I told my sister and she liked it, but with a name like EyeDope, we thought sunglasses would be cool[er].”

What was your biggest hurdle during the launch process?

Well, I think I had the same issue that most small entrepreneurs have when launching a startup … funding. Looking back, I would have to say that ultimately, yes, that was the biggest hurdle. The more I learned about the industry, the more research I did, the more confident I felt about the business as a whole. I had to get my belief system high enough to realize I could self-fund on my own. So I quit my job to focus on the launch and self-funded the entire project.

How would you describe EyeDope?

Of course, EyeDope did not invent sunglasses, but my team and I have brought together some unique styles that we hope consumers will enjoy wearing. These frames are meant to be an integral piece of your fashion statement. We want people to really enjoy wearing them. They also take prescription lenses for those who require prescription sunglasses.

Let’s talk uniqueness. What sets you apart from the pack?

We call it our “Visual Concierge” that is a “Try on Now” feature. It allows consumers to upload a picture of themselves to the site, then it literally puts the sunglasses on the picture. That gives you a realistic view of how dope you will look in our sunglasses. Since most of our consumers are purchasing online, we aren’t able to give them the feel of the glasses, but we can certainly give them the look. They will know right away which option looks best on them.

(Photo courtesy of EyeDope)

Explain #DopeMoments?

EyeDope is more than a sunglass brand. We are a platform for the world to showcase and share with us positive images and positive experiences that are going on in their lives. Read about our #DopeMoments campaign. That’s how we intend to share positive things with the world opposed to so much negativity. #DopeMoments helps us connect with our customers.

Shop EyeDope’s styles to see if the contemporary sophistication of “Idol” suits you or if the enchantingly beautiful “Captiva” fascinates you, while the Matte Black “Jag” has crossover appeal for both men and women.