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2017 fashion trends that shouldn’t see the new year

The words “new year” are synonymous with “new beginning.” The fashion world is a revolving door of styles that come and go, recycled and discarded. Every year, there are styles that we wish to see less of. Here are seven

Black writers to watch

There is something very special about writers, especially book writers. They have to be able to convey the vivid worlds of imagery from their minds to their audience without the aid of the big or small screens. Weaving words together

Bye-bye holiday blues

To some, the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. Being surrounded by family, making trips out of town, getting dolled up for fabulous holiday parties, and smelling home-cooked favorites the way only Grandma or Mama can

EyeDope introduces exciting eyewear

(Photo courtesy of EyeDope) Who doesn’t like to don fashionable eyewear? Just two months ago, Ron McCoy lifted the curtain to introduce the world to his collection of globally inspired sunglasses. In this new twist to a centuries-old industry, EyeDope

5 ways Beyoncé inspires you to live your best life

Beyoncé fans feel like they really, truly know her. Many of them have grown up with her. In fact, diehard fans proudly boast the moniker “Beyhive.” Yet, despite being on TV at the tender age of 8 and virtually being

Your purpose is your superpower

Let me guess … your life is nothing like you imagined it would be 10 years ago. If your 18-year-old self saw you running on the hamster wheel you are on, would they cry? Stop chasing dreams of money and

Wine increases productive writing

One day, I sat in front of my computer, staring. My hands hovered over the keys, yet nothing (and I do mean nothing) came to my mind. Racing against a deadline, I nervously bit my bottom lip. I was experiencing

Spring clean your look

Going from the frigid temperatures of winter into the fresh warm air of spring is nature’s way of starting over. The dead leaves and flowers are replaced with new life. It beckons us to pursue dramatic change along with flipping of the

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