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7 reasons social media is a much-needed marketing tool

Photo credit: mama_mia /

Photo credit: mama_mia /

Buh-bye phone books, hello Instagram! The world is spinning with online outlets that connect people who otherwise would never cross paths. The same is true for business. Entrepreneurs who do not utilize social media, or have their pages set to private are totally baffling. These seven reasons should illustrate to fellow entrepreneurs how your business can be even more successful when using social media properly.

Increases visibility

You live in Houston, but want to reach potential clients in Atlanta. How? Social media. Posting and using hashtags helps people find you. People from all over the world are able to recognize how awesome your business is and why they should patronize you by the content you put out.


Yes, hashtags! They are amazing. Not only are there existing hashtags for just about anything you can think of, there are a lot of them too. Look at your post beyond the obvious and get creative. A mom doing yoga can incorporate #beachbod, #mommylife, #passportgang, #bikinilife, just to name a few. Note, that when you type in hashtags, Instagram automatically auto-populates the most frequently used, as well as the number of posts that used it in recent weeks.

Likes turn into cash

Do you know how posts wind up on your explorer page? When the people you follow like and/or comment on a post if the post is public, it ends up on your explorer page. That is how you are about to see posts from NYC when you live in Atlanta; because your cousin who lives in Brooklyn liked her co-worker’s post. Posting content that drives likes helps more potential clients find you. When they fall in love with your page, they spend big green on your products and services.

Brand loyalty

A survey conducted by Convince & Convert said that 53% of Americans are more loyal to brands when connected with them on social media. By following your business, clients are able to see what products and services that you have are fresh, along with any changes in brand positioning.

Decreased marketing budget

Social media is free. Take advantage. Even the paid advertisements do not break the bank.

Brand authority

Potential clients will leave comments, ask questions or send private messages. They want to know more about what it is that you do and how your business can solve a problem or satisfy a need/want. Interacting with them helps show your level of expertise, while also proving that you are reachable.

Enriched customer service

Take customer service up a notch. Every chance to answer an inquiry shows everybody who cares to see how you handled the inquiry. Always remain professional and courteous to make other potential clients feel comfortable with the way you handle business.

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