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News2 » Rob Kardashian could face jail time for leaking nude pics of Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian could face jail time for leaking nude pics of Blac Chyna

Photo credit: Rob Kardashian/Snapchat

Rob Kardashian reacted with the fury of a scorned lover in his latest saga with Blac Chyna. Kardashian turned to Instagram and Twitter and claimed that Blac Chyna cheated on him with eight men in the past month. But while Kardashian’s rant on Instagram became a trending topic and inspired responses from Snoop Dogg and T.I., it could have also been illegal and may land him in jail.

While posting several angry posts aimed at Blac Chyna, Kardashian also released several nude photos of her. In the state of California, revenge porn is considered a crime. Revenge porn is classified as nude pics or videos that are released by scorned lovers against an ex-partner’s will. It’s considered an “invasion of privacy.”

Revenge porn includes, an image of the intimate body part of another identifiable person, or an image of that person engaged in sexual intercourse, masturbation,  sodomy, oral copulation or masturbation; You intentionally distribute that image; there was an understanding between you and that person that the image would remain private; and the person depicted suffers serious emotional distress.

If charged and convicted, Kardashian could face six months in jail for his actions. Moreover, Blac Chyna could also file a lawsuit against Kardashian. Her attorney, Walter Mosley, revealed to People that she could seek legal action. It could also affect Kardashian’s ability to see their child, Dream Kardashian, in the future. If Blac Chyna shows that he is an unstable parent, it could affect custody.

The Kardashians always find ways to create social media moments and Rob’s rant could have been a plot for more attention. But he also committed a crime that could eventually land him in jail.


  1. britishrose on July 6, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    im glad you pointed that out , he is doing some of this to insight attention on his failing family legacy, he should know better since his own moma leaked his sister nude sex tape for profit, and judges are already annoyed at his ability to lower his daddys image in the ground , he letting a female control his every day sitting his lazy butt on twitter all day , instead of showing a judge he can provide for his daugher and focus on her . he is really a train wreck , she supposely saved a whale from drowning now he wanna pay her back? he need help dammit , he is trying to keep his family talked about too . which is sick .. kim and khloe can hold their own . dont need him and chyna drama . chyna wants him to do this cause she win that sole custody battle she fixin to start , kris jenner you b etter get your best attorney suited up cause this son of yours will land you in financial ruins . . ti and snoop was dead on . . he really need to move pass chyna there is no marriage . .. she wanted to marry him for that name . and kris threaten to disown rob so he backed out . the networks must me on her side too . chyna is a gold digging monster . she will get carma .but robb need to chill out ..

  2. britishrose on July 6, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    watch the state come in and take that kid from his care he is exhibiting mental issues . on social media. listen to his choice of phrases . he claiming he took care of chyna and she slept with 9 men in one month , that sound so crazty . .

  3. britishrose on July 6, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    how about she dont want to marry no slobby moma boy ..lazy fat fool with no education and riding on his family money . kris jenner is responsible cause she hand robb money that he was giving chyna . i know he has a sock company but dang