Too comfortable? Martha Stewart utters N-word while filming show

Lil Yachty. Photo: [email protected]

There’s no question that maven Martha Stewart has firmly entrenched herself within hip hop culture, not to mention she has a strong bond with rap legend Snoop Dogg. 

However, some are thinking today that Stewart has gotten too comfortable, as she could so calmly fling out the n-word on the set of her show with Snoop, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” according to a Fader article.

Lil Yachty made an appearance on the show when she allegedly asked the rapper a controversial question.

Stewart asked Yachty a question that used the n-word. While Yachty was asked about his new album, Teenage Emotions, while on set with other guests Laverne Cox and Gary Owen, the image of his album cover didn’t appear, as the network had failed to clear the artwork.

This led Snoop Dogg to allegedly curse at the staff with a “swear-filled finger wag,” where he reportedly referred to Yachty’s artwork as “this n—a’s shit.”

The Fader article mentions that Stewart did not seem to be fully prepped on Yachty’s background, and being that he doesn’t drink or smoke, she spoke to him “like an innocent child.”

“Taping stopped and the Doggfather stood up, chastising the powers that be for never getting stuff cleared. In a very loud, swear-filled finger wag, Snoop appropriately referred to Yachty’s album cover as ‘this nigga’s shit,’” reported Fader. “So Martha, sitting at a table with her co-host, Yachty, comedian Gary Owen, and actress Laverne Cox, leaned over and, both maternally and ignorantly, said, “Yachty, does it upset you when Snoop says, ‘n—a shit?’”

The article in Fader then detailed the reactions of the show’s guests, as well as some in the crowd, which was mixed with horror, outrage and some laughter: “The room filled with every imaginable reaction: anger, horror, embarrassment, laughter, joy, pain. Throughout the exchange, Martha Stewart did not seem to understand what the big deal was. Yachty’s reaction: a huge smile. It had been a long morning of sitting and waiting, following a day of interviews that involved a great deal of sitting and waiting. Once he finally made it on stage, he was charismatic, but seemed to be running on fumes. When Martha had her record scratch moment, though, Yachty came alive.”

Viewers at home will not be able to hear the alleged comments from Stewart when the episode airs, as they were made when taping was paused.

What do you think: Do you believe Stewart crossed the line, or was she within her right to ask Lil Yachty the question the way she did? Sound off below.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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