Tiffany Maiyon on dating ‘RHOA’s Matt Jordan and all those plastic surgeries

Tiffany Maiyon on dating 'RHOA's Matt Jordan and all those plastic surgeries
Tiffany Maiyon (Photo credit: Steed Media Service)

Tiffany Maiyon’s a woman on a mission to redesign her life and helping others do the same. She recently sat down to discuss her miraculous transformation and to spill the tea on love, life, and to addresses those rumors about how she “stole” Kenya Moore’s man.

Tipping the scale at over 300 pounds at her highest weight, Maiyon struggled with depression and existed in a dark place. Maiyon made the conscious decision to change her life, which led to four nose jobs, two breast lifts, two breast augmentations, two Brazilian butt lifts, arms lift, thigh lift, back liposuction, under eye surgery, and tummy tuck … all to design what she considered to be the perfect physique.

After her endeavor, she found herself $100K in debt. The debt and the extensiveness of her surgeries led to her to being featured on the “TD Jakes Show.” When asked what spending time with TD Jakes meant to her, Maiyon said, It was an honor to me, because we all have a story; he found mine the most fascinating. His opinions were kind of strong and he made his point, and I made my point, and I still feel the same way. I really don’t think that my choices to have cosmetic surgery or spend X amount of dollars affects my children and that was the point that he was trying to make. And I just didn’t agree with that.”

With her newly enhanced body, she found herself modeling on Instagram. While she admits through photo shoots and appearances she rakes in over $40K a year, she doesn’t want it to become a part of her identity.

Maiyon once appeared on the reality show “Tough Love,” but when show producers received a tip declaring Maiyon had lied about her age, how many children she had, and was still married, she was booted off the show. Maiyon explained that before being on a reality show, producers conduct a thorough background investigation on participants. She believes producers already knew the information, but instead chose to ambush and humiliate her in front of everyone.

Maiyon, who confessed to once dating rapper, actor, and “Power” executive producer 50 Cent, dished on her relationship with Matt Jordan, and commented on the scathing hate she received from Kenya Moore. According to Maiyon, it was Jordan who first reached out to her through a DM on social media about a year ago.

During the initial conversation, Jordan told Maiyon he was seeing Moore. After the conversation, Maiyon admits she exposed Jordan’s play on several blogs. However, the two did become romantically involved after Jordan and Moore split.

Maiyon said, “In November, we spent Thanksgiving together. And we hung out … me, him, and Todd. Someone saw us out, one of the bloggers, and I asked him if it was OK to confirm we were dating. He said, “… if you’re ready … this life … blah, blah, blah … if you want to go ahead.” So, I did it. And from there, when I tell you they dragged me. … Like the blogs went in. People went in. I’m like they’re not dating anymore.”

After getting word of Maiyon and Jordan’s involvement, Maiyon said Moore blocked her on social media before making several nasty posts about her. Maiyon instead decided to take a more direct route to the issue, and the two women had words. Maiyon admits that even after the drama, she and Jordan remain friends and still speak often.

Maiyon has turned her focus to creating a thriving business, Bella Beauty Inc., which includes Bella Dream Body and Coco Bella Cosmetics. At Bella Dream Body, Maiyon offers consultation services to those attempting to design their physique as she has done, and helps patients gain access to surgeons and guaranteed financing to have those procedures. Maiyon has begun production on 16 liquid lipsticks to be released under her cosmetic line, Coco Bella Cosmetics. Maiyon is also looking to release a mini-documentary on her work with homeless families.

When asked what she would say to others who are Instagram modeling or thinking of having cosmetic surgery, Maiyon said, “I just think that you should do what’s best for you. What’s best for your life. We don’t get to do this again and you wanna be happy. It’s nothing like waking up and being happy with yourself and happy with your life. And I just feel like everyone should do what they have to do to be happy and just live the best life you can live.”

You can reach out to her at @TiffanyMaiyon on Instagram and Facebook, @VH1Tiffany on Twitter, or by visiting

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