Monteria Robinson mother of Jamarion Robinson who was shot by US Marshalls 76 times (Photo Credit: Davis-Bozeman Law Firm)

On August 5, 2017, Monteria Robinson will mark the one year anniversary of her son’s death at the hands of US Marshalls. Jamarion Robinson was shot 76 times in what some have called an obscene display of excessive force by the three officers involved. The case is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. One year later, the officers involved in the shooting have not complied with a request for statements by the district attorney’s office.

Rolling out spoke with Robinson about her son’s death and her struggle for justice with community support.

Jamarion was not just another tragic tale; he was your son. How do you cope with his death one year later?
Actually, to me, it seems like it just happened yesterday. To be honest, I have not slept in two or three days. It’s very horrific. The pain is very heavy. I’m very stressed. My anxiety level is high and that’s just being honest. As a mother, it’s like someone came and snatched my heart out of my body.

What were the last words you spoke with your son?
The conversation we had was about my nephew; it was at the time for his birthday. Jamarion was talking about what he was going to buy him for his birthday. That was the last conversation we had. We also were both watching “Family Feud.” Every night around 7:30, he would call and say, “Momma, ‘Family Feud’ is about to come on so get ready.” We would always laugh and talk about Steve Harvey’s jokes.

What did he dream of doing upon his graduation from college?
He was a biology major. The last thing he texted me was on August 3, 2017, where he said, “Hey, mom, I just finished the registration for Tuskegee University,” which would have been for his last semester …

How are you protecting your son’s image?
As we all know, the media tries to dehumanize our young Black men. We see every day on the news how they can de-escalate situations when it comes to White Americans, but when it comes to dark skin tones or Black Americans, they [claim they are] in a fear for their lives. How can they be in fear of their lives when it comes to us, but can de-escalate when it comes to their own? I would like to state for the record that we are US citizens. I pay taxes. I work and so does my family. But my son was treated inhumanly and un-American.

You contacted the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General’s Office in the case of your son. Have you heard anything back?
[Family attorney Mawuli Davis]: No. They have left it in the hands of the GBI and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. What we are hoping for at this point is that the Federal Agents and US Marshalls involved will comply and provide all information and evidence related to the case. It is unbelievable that they would not, in executing a warrant, wear body cameras. It is completely illogical that at the federal level, not to wear body cameras when conducting these operations to be completely above reproach. We can all see what has been happening across the country.

Most recently, President Donald Trump made comments that seemed to encourage police abuse against suspects. When you hear something like that coming from the President, what comes to mind?
It perpetuates the culture of accepting police violence. Also, I would add I have been coping with community help and ongoing support. It has been keeping me strong. I plead with the community to join us this Saturday, August 5, 2017, to help us get answers for my son. We are requesting transparency for all those involved.

What would you like to say to families who may be going through the trauma of a police shooting?
Seek counseling. Get community support; you can’t do this alone; you need community support to get through the situation. My family and I struggle every day with this and community support is essential.

To support, attend:

Justice for Jamarion Robinson- Community Rally & March

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fulton County Courthouse

136 Pryor Street SW,  Atlanta, GA, 30303

For more information visit:

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • SrAgri

    Why does this article not cover any of the following facts?
    1) Jamarion had been in a shoot out with police
    2) A warrant was issued for Jamarion due to previous shoot out
    3) US Marshalls found out where he was and went to arrest him
    4) Jamarion was armed and began firing at US Marshalls

    The focus of all these articles is the number of times that Jamarion was shot. How many times did he fire at the police? Is anyone worried about that?

    • Just Saying

      Because he wasn’t do all of those things.

    • James Gripper

      Shut your dumb ass up. Don’t nobody care how many times the police were shot at.

      • SrAgri

        I bet the police officers and their families cared.

        • James Gripper

          True but were any police officers shot and killed during this particular incident? That’s why nobody cares how many times the police were shot at.

          • SrAgri

            You may not be aware of this, but shooting at people is a very serious crime – you could kill them.

            If Jamarion was shooting at officers, they were well within their rights and even their responsibility to shoot him until they were confident that he could not continue shooting.

          • James Gripper

            My point is nobody cares who shot at the police not if
            it’s a serious crime or not. Learn how to properly counter a point
            before commenting next time.

          • SrAgri

            The fact that Jamarion shot at police is HIGHLY RELEVANT to this discussion.

            If someone has a gun pointed at police, they shoot until the gun is no longer pointed at them, even if it takes 76 bullets.

            FWIW, you are an idiot and have no idea how to “properly counter a point”.

          • James Gripper

            You’re arguing that Jamarion shot at the police. Well what prompted that response? Did I say the police were wrong in their actions? No! Did I challenge whether or not the police were shot at? No! My point is that nobody cares about the police being shot at. There’s a difference in case you didn’t notice.

            I then clarified my response by stating (in my opinion) why no one cares with saying that no police were shot (meaning hit) or killed. Your counter argument is suggesting that I’m saying the police were wrong for their actions or that their actions were excessive. That’s why I told you to “learn how to properly counter a point.”

            Look I know I’m getting under your skin but you have to learn when someone (such as myself) is trolling you. I not making a point against police or for Jamarion because this is the only article that I’ve read on this incident. I simply made a statement to get a rise out of you, lol.

            Well I have to go now. See you again in a few days because I know you’re going to respond with something, SMH.

          • Paulette Cogshell

            I do agree with James Gripper. Yes, you’re definitely right!

    • Tina Varner

      I agree, both sides of the story should be told. However, 76 times is extremely excessive.

      • Paulette Cogshell

        You’re definitely right!

      • SrAgri

        They needed to keep shooting until Jamarion could not shoot them. Granted, 76 bullets doesn’t say much for their accuracy, but it is more sloppy than excessive.

    • Paulette Cogshell

      SrAgri have you watch the YouTube videos inside his girlfriend apartment?

  • Oak510finest

    She will not get any answers. Because that is what race soldiers posing as cops do.

  • Sebastian B

    Shot 76 times? I hope the tax payer’s are not paying for all them extra bullets!! One should have been sufficient. If it’s taking 76 bullets to take down a punk we need to concentrate on mandatory gun range practice for our law enforcement.. Unbelievable.. One shot One Kill!!

    • SrAgri

      I agree with the marksmanship criticism. However, I don’t agree with “one shot one kill”. Law enforcement should never shoot “to kill”. They shoot to stop a threat. That doesn’t necessarily involve killing and many people actually survive being shot by police due to the speed with which first aid is administered.

      • Sebastian B

        I’m not trying to be ugly but you pull out a gun on a cop your dead meet regardless.. That’s just stupid. make all the excuse you want its just stupid. It don’t matter how many times the cops shoot you. Don’t point a gun at them you will die.. That cops going home alive and I don’t blame him I would do the same

        • SrAgri

          I’m not making any excuses for anyone drawing on a cop. How did you get that from reading my post? You need to read more carefully.

    • James O Donnell

      Tell us all about your real-life gunfighting experience.

      Surely an expert gunslinger like yourself has put a couple dozen notches on the butt of his pistol by now…

      • Sebastian B

        No James he got shot for a reason! Acting stupid! I have had guns pulled on me by cops, still living and I carry a gun however I don’t break the law or act stupid when I get pulled over .. Blacks need to understand there will never be a lawless society so don’t act stupid.. plan and simple for most people..

  • Paulette Cogshell

    Mrs.Robinson my family send our prayers and condolences to you & your family. Your son didn’t deserve to be shot & killed.

    • Gina Eckford

      FYI…. people need to check out the video that his girlfriend made. Absolutely NO bullet holes toward the door where the police stood. ALL the bullet holes where shot towards the upstairs where Jamarion stood! Do ya homework! And if he HAD really shot at them, (which he didn’t) I’m sure he would’ve stopped after a good 5 or 6 bullets! 76? Really? For the idiots trying to justify that, let it happen to your child and see how you feel about it then!

    • James O Donnell

      He got justice. 76 times.

      Stop making excuses for the thugs in your community, and stop raising young men who murder at a rate far above any other ethnicity.

      Over half of the people murdered in the US are black men, who make up about 6% of the population. And the vast overwhelming majority of them are killed by other black men. Men like Jamarion, who was killed IN THE ACT OF TRYING TO MURDER POLICE OFFICERS.

      • Paulette Cogshell

        Do you think before you post comments? You’re a idiot. Stfu

        • James O Donnell

          I would believe anyone who wrote “Paulette Cogshell is a moron.”

  • James O Donnell

    “Why did they shoot him 76 times?”

    Because that was what it took to make him stop trying to murder police officers? Jamarion would be alive if he hadn’t tried to murder police officers.

    If you’re going to “ask questions” you should start with the only one that matters at this point: why did you so such a bad job of raising Jamarion that he thought it was a good idea to commit crimes and try to murder the police when they came looking for him?

    Good riddance. Worms gotta eat too.

    • Paulette Cogshell

      Do you think before you post comments? You’re a so ignorant. Would you please do everyone a favor? Shut up.

      • James O Donnell

        Figured you were too stupid to have a rational response. Wasn’t disappointed.

        “Ignorant” is making pathetic excuses for a piece of dogs hit like Jamarion who tried to murder police officers on two separate occasions.

  • Joe wheeler

    You Can’t reason with black people,dont even try.
    & Facts are also racist. Black people think Everybody is out to get them and every white person is racist. I’m done with blacks and I don’t associate with them anymore.
    2 or more I’m out the door…

    • Paulette Cogshell

      What exactly do you mean you can’t reason with black people? Why do people think all black people are a like? Why it’s so difficult to say some black people? Have you ever been racially profile? Also, follow while shopping?

  • Triumphofthewill

    Sounds like suicide to me. Close the case.