In trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killing, the Black community must do this (video)

Attorney Mawuli Davis has one simple request for the Black community to do during the trial over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. “What we can’t afford to do this time is not to be present when they’re deliberating and the juries are meeting,” Davis told rolling out. “We’ve got to be there. We’ve got to […]

A Seat at the Table with Father’s F1rst and Black fathers 8/21/20

Father’s F1rst joined a seat at the table to speak with Black fathers hosted by Osei The Dark Secret, the conversation was with professionals and regular men who are fathers. Mawuli Davis and Marvin Arrington, Jr both high-profile lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia. Former Atlanta Falcon Professional NFL, Chuck Smith, and father of Father’s F1rst CEO, […]

‘Rolling out’ honors top courtroom crusaders at 2019 ‘Justice for All’ event

Rolling out hosted its inaugural “Justice for All” awards ceremony June 27, 2019, in the Atlanta City Hall Atrium. The event honored some of the top legal minds in metropolitan Atlanta. Honorees included lawyers Teddy Astin, Mawuli Davis, Lerae Funderburg, Jimmy C. Gardner, Keith E. Gammage, Gerald A. Griggs, Preston James IV, Jabari A. Jones, Julie Kert, David Mitchell,  Angelo Pinto, Shequel Ross, Tiffany […]

Georgia State Senate race hinges on provisional ballots due by 5 p.m. today

Last Tuesday’s Georgia primary election had a host of runoffs and razor-thin margins of victory for many candidates. Now, Dekalb County, Georgia, leaders that include Attorney Mawuli Davis and Gerald Griggs, SCLC leader Nate Miller and NAACP leader Teresa Hardy and candidate Pastor Sabrina McKenzie are raising an alarm for voters. At issue are outstanding […]

Doo Wan Lee, is in deep doo-doo after pushing Black worker

On May 18, 2018, Korean immigrant and business owner Doo Wan Lee made a decision that has changed his life forever. Doo is the owner of the once prosperous Doo’s Seafood and Deli, that once had 3 locations in the metro Atlanta area. He sold two of his stores and now owns only the location in Snellville, […]

How the Korean boss who assaulted Black worker over $8.47 may be in cuffs today

On Monday, rolling out reported the assault of a woman by her Korean boss at an Atlanta metro area takeout restaurant. A video recorded by a customer named Markus Moultrie showed Mr. Lee, the owner of Doo’s Seafood and Deli located in Snellville, Georgia, violently assault Ju’Nea Turner, an employee and single mom of two. According […]

Mom seeks answers, why cops shot her son, Jamarion Robinson, 76 times

On August 5, 2017, Monteria Robinson will mark the one year anniversary of her son’s death at the hands of US Marshalls. Jamarion Robinson was shot 76 times in what some have called an obscene display of excessive force by the three officers involved. The case is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation […]

Jamarion Robinson: 1 year after police killed him, still no answers

When this writer first encountered the story of Jamarion Robinson, it was emotionally jarring on a visceral level. Rolling out was invited to see the aftermath of the death of Robinson by U.S. Marshalls serving a warrant on behalf of Gwinnett County Police and the Atlanta Police Department. I did not know a lot about Robinson […]

Jesse Murray, denied stand your ground defense in Georgia, wins victory

Almost 3 1/2 years ago, Jesse Murray was with his ex-wife at a bar and restaurant in the city of Hapeville, Georgia. Throughout the evening they were being harassed by a group of four White men, who were part of a larger party. A drunken White male stumbled into Murray’s wife Traci and made no apology […]

Breaking development in alleged Atlanta bridge arsonist case

In March 2017, Basil Eleby became infamous for allegedly starting a fire in Atlanta that took out a portion of Interstate 85 near downtown. Eleby was accused of being high on crack and setting a shopping cart with a chair on fire beneath an underpass. The fire spread to building supplies left in place for […]

Expert injury attorneys, Davis Bozeman Law Firm, make strides for the community

The search for a lawyer in traumatic circumstances can often be a difficult decision. One Atlanta-based law firm has continued to address the plight of the community and has been recognized for its actions. The Davis Bozeman Law Firm was recently recognized for its actions by the African Community Centers for Unity and Self-Determination Inc. […]

Attorney Mawuli Davis shares insight on handling police misconduct, legally

Rolling out talked exclusively to attorney Mawuli Mel Davis about handling police misconduct, legally. It seems today that we’re hearing more and more about not just police mistakes but outright police abuse. In your opinion, what has gone wrong with policing? Over-militarization. You have a number of officers who have come back from war and […]

Davis Bozeman Law Firm Hosts Annual Brotherhood of Excellence Awards in Atlanta

With their professional portfolio and educational pedigree, the legal lions of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm could have easily gone anywhere in the country and cordoned themselves off from the very community from which they emanated. But there is a reason why Mawuli Davis, one of the partners of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm, was […]