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Malia Obama ridiculed for dancing and rolling on the ground at Lollapallooza

Malia Obama ridiculed for dancing and rolling on the ground at Lollapallooza
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Malia Obama took a moment to celebrate with friends at the 2017 Lollapallooza in Chicago. The 19-year-old daughter of Barack and Michele Obama witnessed acts such as Chance The Rapper, The Killers and she even took a photo with rapper Anime.

However, Malia’s festival fun went viral after someone captured her dancing on video. On the first video clip, Malia helps a friend by pulling her up from the ground. On the second clip, Malia dances and falls to the ground while pounding her fist on the ground. The video clips come one year after Malia was captured twerking in the crowd at the 2016 Lollapallooza. During that same festival, some claimed that she was photographed smoking marijuana although it was never proven.

Malia continues to catch flack for simply having fun during her youth. Growing up as the child of a public figure can be a burden due to the pressures of remaining on the straight and narrow path. In the early 2000s, President George Bush’s twin daughters were cited in Texas for underage drinking when they were 19. Jenna Bush also got arrested for having a fake ID.

Malia has yet to have any issues with drinking or with law enforcement, but her every move is still watched closely. Most people would hate to be judged by their actions during their college years. It’s a time where teens and young adults should be given the space to make important decisions. Those awkward years are needed to help us learn from mistakes and prepare for future growth.

After the video of Malia dancing on the ground went viral, thousands of people commented on social media:

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