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Internet marketing expert Dr. Sergio Rozzelle knows the secret to real wealth

Internet marketing expert Dr. Sergio Rozzelle knows the secret to real wealth
Photo courtesy of Dr. Sergio Rozzelle

Dr. Sergio Rozzelle is a three-time Amazon No. 1 best-selling author in the areas of global marketing, work-life balance and business and investing, who spends most days serving as a business success coach and mentor. This fall, he will release a new book, Get Rich While Broke: A Practical Step By Step Guide To Building Wealth While Stuck At Your Job, to “help the everyday working person, generate financial wealth even while stuck at their jobs so that they can improve their quality of life, impact policy, economics and politics in their communities and realize their dreams for themselves and their generations to come,” he explains.

Rozzelle earned his bachelor’s in political science at the first HBCU, Lincoln University, and his master’s in international affairs and development and international business marketing at Clark Atlanta University. He also earned a project management certification at George Washington University and was bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from New Freedom Bible College.

The proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. co-founded a $200M debt-free holding company. While he has witnessed many successes, it’s his past experience as a struggling single dad that has made him no stranger to adversity. It is through those life challenges that Rozzelle has learned some of the best success strategies which he has shared with readers in the pages of his new book.

Read what he says.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Two situations inspired me to become an entrepreneur.:
1. Growing up in Washington, D.C., as a child, I watched as so-called middle-class people with the “good government jobs” struggled living paycheck to check trying to make ends meet. Although they appeared to be well off, I could sense the underlying fear that all of the adults had. The way they lived for the weekend and tried to keep up with the Joneses and never really being happy. While all of the Joneses were entrepreneurs and had influence over policy makers.

2. The second occurred while in undergrad at the Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. I majored in political science because I wanted to change the world and create equality and peace on earth. I had some of the brightest professors in the world. This was during the time of apartheid and many of them were from South Africa and had personal relationships with Bishop Desmond Tutu and even Nelson Mandela, who at the time was in prison. I recall understanding that some of them would have been assassinated had they gone back to South Africa. And one day I saw Barbara Streisand speaking on the news about international affairs, and I was furious. Because I thought who is she to speak on such things? Good for her that she was an activist and all, but I had brilliant professors that were in the struggle who had no voice. It was then that I expressed my frustration to my mentor, RIP, who told me that if I really want to make a change that I needed a platform and that there were only three that mattered.

1. Fame
2. Wealth
3. Both

But, after learning about people like the late great Madame CJ Walker, I decided that the only thing that I could control was getting wealth and that 97 percent of the wealthy were entrepreneurs.

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship?
I believe that the challenge of entrepreneurship is a three-legged stool.
1. Capital: Having the money to build it.
2. Time: Being able to live your life make a living for yourself and your family and still build it.
3. Experience: Experience is the best teacher. It gives you know how, great lessons, a network and can help you with the first leg of the stool in some instances capital. But the No. 1 challenge is discipline. The discipline to stay focused and unstoppable to do the mundane little things consistently. [The] discipline to defer your gratification. The discipline to learn and get better.

What does success look like for you?
Success is simply living your life the way you want, doing what you want, being with the people you want and helping others the way you want.

Why are you committed to exposing and educating the Black community about their finances?
Because that is the only way that we can truly build a legacy. The only way to be empowered and control every aspect of our lives, from the way law enforcement treats us and the food we eat, to the value of our property, the education of our children and safeguarding our own self-image.

What other projects are you working on?
My latest project is revolutionary in that I am not only providing a wealth creation financial literacy but also showing one of the ways that people can build their wealth by outpacing inflation, reducing their debt and increasing their cash flow. I’m not just giving theory, I am giving them the tools and empowering them in a way that has never been done before. Check out

What has been the feedback from the readers?
It has been well-received by several focus groups.

Where do you see things for you in the next five years?
I am in the process of creating a multibillion-dollar holding company with several assets, in informational products, an energy company, precious metals and real estate worldwide. Also, I will start a nonprofit foundation that supports various empowerment projects worldwide.

Where can people buy your book and reach you for speaking opportunities?
The Art and Science of Success Volume 5 can be purchased at and www.ArtandScienceOfSuccessVolu
For speaking engagements, I can be reached at or
email: [email protected]

You can learn more about Rozzelle’s latest project regarding the Top 10 Secret Laws of Wealth Creation at

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