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Photos that will make you miss Barack and Michelle Obama

Photo credit: Instagram – @michelleobama44

He hasn’t been out of office long. But people are reminiscing about the good ole days when Barack and Michelle Obama ruled the world. With Donald Trump’s build a wall campaign, chaos in the White House, increased police violence and a rising threat in North Korea, it’s safe to say national morale is low. Though angry conservatives — and Trump — continue to pretend Barack Obama didn’t do anything during his eight years in office, he made immense progress for the United States, and even if you didn’t agree with his policies, one thing that’s indisputable is his coolness — among other things. For 30 photos that will make you miss the Obama administration, check out the gallery below.


  1. britishrose on August 10, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    i just wanna cry!!! these two were really just cool people , and there is no way the most racist of fools could not agree , how cool and great they were , michelle was not treated fairly we all knew this was gonna happen. white folks were so jealous that , millions of them were not more qualified then us to be in the white house . our race is spectacular and even if your mixed with black your still brilliant , obama was suppose to drive a message home with his race and backgreound the man was literally raised by a single mother ,and a white woman single raising black kids is mindblowing to whites ,once they digested this fact , they were starting mass killings and hate crimes even right in your neigfhbor hood whites you actually knew were racist ., obama and not trump .. actually unveiled the hatred in this country expecially michelle obama her dark skin really bought out the haters ,, and it was more of her intelligence . an achievements that spark the flames of hate .. white could not deal with a black man and woman sleeping in that white house . donald trump can have 100 mansions and he can still be a rich morally as the obamas were ..

  2. Pamela on October 1, 2017 at 11:55 am

    To Mr. & Mrs. Obama
    We miss you and always will…..

    Keep doing you…..
    We love you

    God bless the Obama Family