Chris Brown details night he physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna


Chris Brown opens up about his relationship with then-girlfriend Rihanna.

In his long-awaited documentary titled Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, the 28-year-old took us back to when his romance with Rihanna began at age 15. While the two quickly developed a connection and fell head over heels in love, their relationship went sour after Brown admitted to Rih that he’d slept with someone else prior to their relationship, something he had previously denied.

“My trust totally was lost with her,” said Brown. “She hated me after that. I tried everything, she didn’t care. She just didn’t trust me after that. From there, it just went downhill because there were too many verbal fights, physical fights as well. Mutual sides.”

“We would fight each other. She would hit me, I would hit her and it never was OK,” he confessed. Despite realizing the harm they were causing each other, the “Loyal” crooner confessed that they struggled to contain their feuds. “There was always a point where we’d talk about it like, ‘What the f— are we doing?’” he said. “Like, ‘I don’t like you slapping me.’ If I go on stage, I got a scratch on my face and I gotta explain it like, ‘Oh, no I fell.’ If you got a scar or a bruise, you gotta put makeup on. I’m not ever trying to put my hands on any female.” He added, “I felt like a f—ing monster.”

As you may recall, trouble in paradise hit an all-time high after the couple attended Clive Davis’ Grammy event in February 2009. According to Brown, everything came to a head when the unidentified woman he previously had sex with approached the pair at the event.

“The ceremony’s about to start, she’s just crying,” Brown recalled, insisting he didn’t know the young woman would be in attendance. “She got over it. She started drinking a little bit, we both was drinking a little bit. We were both drinking a little bit, laughing, joking. And then we left.” That same night, Brown claims that the “We Found Love” singer discovered a text message from the woman on Brown’s phone, leading her to think the pair had conspired to meet up at the event.

“She starts going off, she throws the phone,” he said. “‘I hate you.’ Starts hitting me… She hits me a couple of more times and it doesn’t go from translation to ‘let’s sit down, I’m telling you the truth.’ It goes to, ‘Now, I’m going to be mean, be evil.’”

“I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. I busted her lip,” he recalled. “When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, ‘F—, why the hell did I hit her?’”

“From there she just spit in my face,” Brown continued. “Spit blood in my face and it enraged me even more.” From there, the fight continued until Brown pulled over, during which Rihanna ripped the keys from the ignition. “She takes the keys out of the car and fakes it like she throws them out of the window,” Brown continued. “I get out of the car and I’m looking for the keys and somebody yelled and she yells out her door, ‘Help, he’s trying to kill me.’”

Looking back at that time and the photo of Rihanna’s battered face, Brown was adamant that he’s a different man. “I look back at that picture and I’m like that’s not me, bro, that’s not me. I hate it to this day. That’s going to haunt me forever,” he said.

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Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...


  • britishrose
    August 16, 2017

    i knew riahanna was the attacker all alone why he didnt just come out with this in the start is daunting he needed to let his fans know he was no woman beater , he was just rying to be a man ,by grabbing her hands , but a spit in the face is hard on anyone .

    • F.G.
      August 16, 2017

      Wow… You’re one of those women that blame the victim and praise the perpetrator. He was being the total opposite of what a “man” is. He admitted he punched her, therefore, he WAS beating a women, which = a woman beater. The cycle will continue when reality is distorted.

      • Gelly
        August 17, 2017

        If you gonna hit a man expect him to hit back , doesn’t mean it’s okay. But you treat people the way you want to be treated. Obviously they was whooping each others asses from the beginning. He just flipped and it got worse. She should’ve respected her self enough to leave him instead of fighting him to love her.

        • britishrose
          August 21, 2017

          just what i said , she was young but abuse starts young if someone dont teach their daughter to avoid abusive men they will bee a victim of some man, when abuse steps in love , sex , an bs will not keep it going it will fail no matter , time is the factor can one of them leave or keep thinking i love you will save it

      • britishrose
        August 21, 2017

        sory you dont get the point not siding just saying violence is violence against anyone if she pulled a gun or knife was he suppose to not knock the crap out of her to stop her from shooting . he suppose to give up his life for a pshco who want to fight? two adults fighting is what i saw . to crazy fools with issues . and thats why he should not taken all the blame for it . she was spitting on him before this night . slapping and mutual fighting he said . soooo where is she a victim.? she was a fool with no filter . i dont fall for that blame the man mess. its made up by people who already been locked up for domestic violence , white mans trap for black men and women. spitting is provoking , its insane . both of these two suffer mental issues . just cause they stars dont mean they aint on medication to control their minds . that didnt come out in court what rehianna mental state is ?
        we all know crazy people in relationships sitting on a time bomb. it never works rarely do they end in roses and cupcakes .
        she was comfortable fighting him . aint no telling how bad it got
        they both should have gone to jail chris should have sued her for abusing him too . im not feeling sorry for her .

        there are women in shelters for real abuse , i know the difference this was a relationship that should have broke off and didnt . chris brown did not hold her in prison some women are beaten daily and cant even leave .
        chris ask rehianna to leave he was done with her she snapped , cause he had another women clearly he wanted out . you know how crazy women are when their time is up . after the fact dont count . he wanted out . sex was not gonna hold him in .. she flipped he snapped end of story

  • Chuck
    August 16, 2017

    Chris Brown’s parents created this monster that’s inside of him. His mom allowed his father to beat her and she stayed in the relationship. Chris saw his dad beat his mom and saw her stay in the relationship. That taught him at an early age that beating women is OK because they won’t leave you. Rihanna’s parents created the insecure monster that’s inside of her. She watched her dad beat her mom & saw her stay. So, she learned at an early age that a beaten from a man is love. These two will end up back together and will eventually marry. Unfortunately, one of them will kill the other out of fear and anger.

    • britishrose
      August 21, 2017

      i dont think they will get back but they both learned a lesson for life . about love , rehianna nad chris both have been counseled and once you learn how it all happen your better

  • Michelle Tyson
    August 16, 2017

    Its been almost nine years since this happened. The both of them were literally teenagers. He felt that he needed to tell this story now and I respect him for that. Noone is blameless and noone is perfect. Forgiveness, healing and growth through Jesus Christ is done. Its all that is required. No matter what people think. Even if they never get back together, please create music and do songs together again. They are already killin it alone. Just imagine if they come together for the sake of the art of music.

  • britishrose
    August 21, 2017

    chris brow career suffered due to this a lot of parents stop buying his music for thier kids a lot of women stop buying his music his fans stayed true some of them . if a man was a murderer should he not get a job when he is released? come one a person is their own failure not yours and mine , im not blaming nobody , i got my own skeletons to judge ,, but let by gones be by gones

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