Woman claims R. Kelly had sexual relationship with her when she was 15

Woman claims R. Kelly had sexual relationship with her when she was 15

Another woman has come forward to claim that she was sexually abused by R. Kelly. The alleged sexual abuse occurred when she was 15-years-old.

According to a report by Buzzeed, the woman involved was Jerhonda Pace, now 24. Pace, a Chicago native, said she initially met R. Kelly when he was on trial for allegedly producing a pornographic video with a 14-year-old minor.

There are photos of Pace at the trial and she was even interviewed by MTV News at the time. Outside of the court, Pace initially met R. Kelly after he agreed to give her an autograph. A member of R. Kelly’s entourage later contacted Pace on MySpace and she said that he arranged for her to be driven to his mansion to attend a party. Pace told her parents that she was visiting a friend from her school. When she arrived at R. Kelly’s home, he spoke with her for a few minutes and they exchanged cell phone numbers. Several weeks later, R. Kelly allegedly invited her back to his home.

Pace initially told R. Kelly she was 19 when he asked her to walk around naked before the two engaged in oral sex. After the two finished having sex, R. Kelly made Pace write and sign a letter that claimed she stole his jewelry and attempted to blackmail him. The letter would be used if Pace attempted discuss their relationship or extort money from the singer. Pace said she agreed to sign. When at his home, Pace said she had to ask for permission to use the bathroom or leave the property.

R. Kelly also allegedly made Pace dress like a girl in elementary school and he told her to call him, “daddy.” One month after beginning a sexual relationship with R.Kelly, Pace said she told him that she was really 16. He instructed her to tell people that she was 19 and the two continued to have sex, including threesomes, and he recorded the encounters without her knowledge.

Pace and R. Kelly would eventually end their relationship after he noticed that she was texting her friend. He allegedly slapped her and spit on her. Pace would connect with an attorney who had several cases involving R. Kelly and underage girls. She would eventually receive a large settlement from R. Kelly in exchange for filing a non-disclosure agreement. However, Pace claims that R. Kelly has only given her a fraction of what is owed.

Pace could be sued by R. Kelly for breaking the non-disclosure agreement, but she hopes to shed more light on R. Kelly’s actions when it comes to underage girls.

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