Angie Stone interviews Usher’s 1st herpes accuser, shares the info

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R&B singer Angie Stone has interjected herself into the Usher herpes fiasco and made some startling comments in the process.

Stone has a Worldstar Hip Hop radio show called “Shift” and recently chatted with the first woman to accuse Usher of giving her herpes and got firsthand information on what went down.

Later on, Stone decided to share the contents of that interview with Atlanta’s “Streetz Morning Takeover” show on Streetz 94.5 FM.

According to the singer, Usher’s accuser, a woman named Laura, felt forced to sue Usher for allegedly contracting the disease after her phone was stolen with damning texts between her and the singer.

“The story goes like this; it came to me that the young lady’s phone was in the possession of her ex-publicist at the time when there was a relationship between the two of them,” said Angie to Yung Joc, Shawty Shawty and Moquick.

“She was downloading something to a computer, the ex-publicist ratchetly took everything off her computer, as a result of what ended up on her phone, the ex-publicist started selling information that she had stolen off of this young woman’s phone. They had text messages going back and forth between her and Usher [about herpes].”

Stone also added that Laura had to sue to “cut off the head of the snake” and stop the publicist for good.

“This is a young lady with a family that wants a future for her life. This stuff was taken from her and exploited. As a result, she had to come back and comebuttal [sic] to cut off the head of the snake. The publicist going to jail, they ain’t got no money, that’s why you selling information,” Stone added.

What do you think about Stone digging into, and then sharing the details surrounding the alleged Usher herpes scandal? Do you believe she over-stepped her boundaries?

Check out the interview below and decide for yourselves.


Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. Suing Usher to stop YOUR OWN agent from making money off the scandal? I suppose there is some logic in that way of thinking, somewhere. It seems more like, “if my agent is going to get paid, I am going to get paid too.”Hope it works out for you the way you planned, but it probably won’t. Use protection and avoid the disease and the drama.

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    It might have been ‘dyed, fried, and laud to the side’…But IT Was Theirs !
    Now, 8 out of 10 black women you see not only have some one else’s hair, it’s most often hair from another race.
    People tell me that for noticing that I must hate myself.

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  3. omg angie look so old jesus @@ what had happen to her , that is my girl still though , angie personality is nothing like we think , she is very weak, and she is average, she is not as strong as she sound . i like her voice though very much .
    she maybe should not say much about usher situation cause , usher is lieing i think , it is what it is he need to zip it up , how did his wife not get it/? or did him and her have it and decided to keep it private not knowing usher was a cheater , his wife had to know .. or she being wanna kill him by now . truthfully no one is worth sleeping with . without a condom no more , blacks folks think its ok to sleep with a random and when they find the fool is creeping they wanna kill smash windows out and cause damage . when a 99 cent condom would save many lives .

  4. usher is so stupid he has to know he could have gotten aides hiv. instead , and we dont know if he does or not ., that is why she sued the possibility of him being that wreckless with her life , is worth every dime . and the wife can get an annulment if he had it and didnt tell her . like i said usher wife has herpes too apparently cause she would be crying divorce right now

  5. No, she did not overstep her boundaries. The meat of the story is public knowledge. Angie is a media personality with a radio show. She does interviews and getting the big interview about the big story is king. I predict this is only the beginning of what’s to come. More about Usher and he accusers will be revealed in the weeks or months to come. If TMZ got beat to the punch on this interview, good for Angie. Competition is good.

  6. ;love angie but when she beat the hell out of her daughter and was arrested she didnt want anyone sitting her down in an interview about that nor would she tolerated someone in her business on radio, discussing it . so angie sit down somewhere . stop trying to be a reality star all over again thats how you lost your man running your mouth too much okkkk

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