Cop racially profiles driver and forces weed smoking confession (video)

Cop racially profiles driver and forces weed smoking confession (video)
Abuse of power by Columbus, Mississippi cop (Photo source: YouTube screenshot)

A viral video is causing a stir on social media. The video shows an officer in Columbus, Mississippi, racially profile and harass a Black driver for speeding. The 13-minute video shows the officer questioning the driver about where he works, his destination and comments about his personal life. The officer then threatens to have the driver drug tested at the school he said he attended and kicked off of the football team all for speeding. The cop even forces the driver to admit that he has smoked weed and threatens to arrest him and impound his vehicle if he does not confess that he smokes weed. As he is talking to the driver, who remains calm but is frightened, the officer threatens to empty a magazine into his car if he moves his hands off the steering wheel. Because of the outrage over the video, the officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation

The outrageous police body cam video can be seen below:

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