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Wendy Williams to T.I.: ‘I could buy an a– like your wife did’

Rap mogul T.I. tried to extend an olive branch of reconciliation and humanity to Wendy Williams, but she shredded that branch with her verbal claws.

Tip was hoping that, by taking a much kinder stance on Wendy Williams’ much ridiculed bikini body than many social media users did, the talk show host would have an epiphany and consider abandoning her “malicious” and “vindictive” ways.

He was wrong. Dead wrong.

On Thursday, Wendy Williams clapped back at T.I. with a vengeance.

Recently, the talk show host was on vacation in Barbados, where she was photographed wearing a teeny-weeny black bikini and subsequently dragged online for the fact that her bikini seemed very ill-fitting, and for a lack of a behind.

Among those detractors was rapper T.I., who chose not to join in the ridiculing but did say that he hoped all of the negative comments Williams was facing would help “her heart to not be so malicious & vindictive in the future.”

Williams was unmoved by T.I.’s gesture.

“I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation,” Williams recalled to the New York Daily News. “The paparazzi caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of [a] behind.

“I wanted to say ‘I could buy one like your wife did and so many people have done,’ ” Williams said, referring to Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ unabashed use of plastic surgery to enhance her looks, including her posterior. “I could buy one any day. It’s flat.”

But for as much shade as Williams throws on her show, she insists that who she is as a person is far and away different from that image.

“I’m not as shady as people think that I would be in real life,” she said. “I do this for work. I did the scene of pop culture. When it comes to being a good friend and holding a secret, you’re looking at her, believe it or not.”


  1. britishrose on September 15, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    yes you may think you a good person behind close doors but what people see on tv , is bond honey what eva , you have to roll with the tides it is what it is , stop making excuses , ti mad cause you did stay in the middle of his business with his side chicks , and lack of manhood . fair is faiir , how ever wendy is just be a tv host with a big mouth and a flamboyant life .. kevin her man dont care what she look like while he lounge in the mansion those people really dont care bout us .. but hhey have to make a show interesting its all hollywood fake

    • Dylan Yale Williams on September 16, 2017 at 7:31 am


  2. Estella Johnson on October 15, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    Williams should address the issue. She’s a nasty gossip about every one else. If you can’t stand the heat stop cooking & get out the kitchen