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  • Natosha Sutton

    I promise I’m not trying to be funny but did Wendy W use to be a man?

    • Kei Rene’

      Lol!!!! No She really is a woman just bad plastic surgery. 😂

  • Valica

    Yes, what up with the legs, & No Ass At All

  • Erica

    Those Twitter disses had me dead!!!

  • Grip holder!!💰💰💯💯

    DAM!!!!!! Look at wendy. What the hell is with her legs. She looks a mess

  • Lady Kai💋💄💗

    Wow they called her a mcflurry spoon. Wow that is bad…… I mean she is in her 50’s or 60’s.. She dont look that bad for her age. All natural except for them floating devices Lol

  • britishrose

    her legs look like kevin been whipping her on them , or she caught herpes and broke out , no wonder she wear them thick stockings on the show them legs would not pass her producers gave her but emplants to make her look better ,she remove them after kim k and a few others

  • MsCB

    What the hell is up with them toothpick legs? Them legs is jacked up she needs to go to a Dermatologist and focus on her skin. Crack didn’t do her body any good. That bikini is sagging in the back and the top is too small. Take some of them Tig O Bitties and put them in her ass. Crack Cocaine messed her up she looks high on this picture.

  • MsCB

    Wendy Williams needs to stop trying to degrade Tiny and look in the mirror and find out what is broken and fix it.