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Charlamagne Tha God says he worked for Wendy Williams for free

Photo Credit: Facebook - @cthagod

Photo credit: Facebook – @cthagod

Charlamagne Tha God is no doubt one of the biggest radio personalities in New York history and he’s worked hard to expand his brand from just doing radio on Power 105’s hit show “The Breakfast Club” to becoming a bona fide star on MTV as well as the host of his own podcast. Now, Charlamagne has added published author to his list of accomplishments with his new book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It. During a recent interview about his new book, Charlamagne revealed some shocking news when he explained that one of his greatest opportunities in life, working for Wendy Williams, was one that he took for free.

In a new interview, Charlamagne discussed his big break in radio when he began working as Williams side kick and he explained that he worked for Williams for free for a year and a half.

“Like I tell these kids all the time, you gotta recognize opportunity when it’s not a paycheck attached to it. That’s Wendy Williams at the end of the day,” Charlamagne said. “I probably would have never broke into the New York market if I never took that position.”

As most people know, Williams and Charlamagne had a public falling out a few years ago and while Charlamagne says he appreciates the opportunities that Williams provided him, he thinks their issues stem from his beef with her husband, Kevin Hunter.

“I think Wendy is a decent person and she gave me an opportunity, but she got to ride with her husband. Her husband doesn’t have the best character to say the least,” he said.

“That situation happened. I learned a lot from it and I kept it moving,” he added.

Charlamagne then tooted his own horn when talking about Williams denying to the public that she knows Charlamagne.

“If anything, she’s missing out because she could say, ‘That’s mine. I grew that,’ ” he said.

What do you think of Charlamagne working for free for so long? Let us know in the comments.


  1. neec on May 13, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Wendy your big man looking ass, I can see her sayin that she dnt know him. She wanna be to important look your nobody. Get a grip! Wake your ole ass up!

  2. sexcess1 on May 14, 2017 at 9:42 am

    He’s so real, vulgar at times but he makes you straighten up and take notice. Wendy should fix that, so she can claim that! He’s only gonna get bigger! When he’s hosting the Oscars in 2024 and her show is cancelled , she’s divorced and she home in Jersey watching from her couch, she’ll regret it.

  3. NiPri on May 14, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    I can understand why he worked for free. An opportunity is an opportunity; you can take it or leave it, it’s up to you! If you benefit from it, free or not, go for it, especially if it’s a passion of yours. You can network and get to know people in the industry you are interested in, that you never would have had the chance of knowing but for the opportunity you chose to take. I liked hearing him when he was Wendy’s side kick and I am truly enjoying listening to him on The Breakfast Club!!! He certainly has grown!!!! Kudos to Charlamagne!!!! I hope nothing but the best for him.

  4. WELOVEUSELENA on May 14, 2017 at 7:36 pm


  5. britishrose on May 15, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    i believe him wendy william old fat, big headed husband is a thorn in her side even now dont think them white folks around wendy aint taking notes . that woman susan is her bread , she talks too her on the show cause susan is running things and kevin sitting like a boy in the back seat ., wendy has no creative controll , all them white people running that show , knows they are done without her and vis versa .. she has a good platform ,but to dis charlamagne that way was silly , kevin knows that he has to walk on water if he stirs up a mess . . he will be security guard at macys ,somewhere wendy will dump him so fast rather lose her career she worked for , so if they say kevin has to go ,, she aint going no where .

  6. britishrose on May 15, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    i like charlamage i use to think he had a big mouth and was rude , i use to see him as sexually to out spoken but i see what he does , ,he try to relate to people for who they are , and he try to tell the fact no matter what the stars want , he wil come at you with turth and consquences