Nick Cannon says he ain’t standing for -ish but Colin Kaepernick

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, entertainer Nick Cannon released a compelling video following a controversial weekend that included a tweet from President Donald Trump to “fire” all NFL players who take a knee.

Here are some of the lyrics/prose:

You want me to stand for a song that continues to remind me of all the harms that have done me wrong?/ Stand for what?!/For your Army that none of our sons truly belong/ Stand for what?/ The 100 years it took them to convince Congress to become the anthem after 40 failed attempts/ Stand for what?/ Your forefathers who really just Pimps./ Stand for What?/ A song about War, not freedom/ That’s how you want to lead them/ Brainwash your people? that’s how you want to treat em Slavemasters whips to Cops night sticks, that’s how you continue to beat em./ Stand for what/ the beginning of Slavery/ in 1619 Or the end of those Black Marines of 1814/

Man stand for what?/ Stand for something or fall for dumb s**t!/ Stand for what/ To salute the Red White and Blue, on a Flag where my Colors not reflected/ Stand for what To uphold laws that were embedded to have my community negatively affected/ Stand for what/ Your racist systemic melodies of mind manipulating rhetoric?/ Did you know the government pays Sports organizations for plays, to make people more patriotic/ This MK Ultra Soul control needs to stop it/ I can still love my country and hate that f****d up song about rockets, and bombs bursting air/ Reminds me of Charlottesville’s vicious glares/…

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