Atlanta mother allegedly killed her toddler boys by placing them in an oven

A woman in Atlanta allegedly killed her two toddler boys by possibly placing them in an oven and allowing them to burn while alive. According to WXIA, Lamora Williams, 24, called her the father of the boys, Jameel Penn, and showed him a video of the two dead boys while on FaceTime.

When police arrived on the scene, Williams claimed that she left her kids with a family member who may have committed the murders. But after speaking to nearby residents in the apartment complex where Williams lived, they disputed those claims. Police eventually found enough evidence to place murder charges on Williams. Both of the boys had burn marks consistent with them being placed in an oven. Also, the toddlers were murdered in front of their 3-year-old brother who witnessed the entire ordeal.

Williams’ family members told authorities that she suffered from a mental illness that was never diagnosed. Teachers would suggest that she needed help, but she was never treated for a mental health issue. She was also battling depression after losing her job because she couldn’t find a babysitter.

Williams’ case serves as another example of how mental health issues in the Black community are often undiagnosed. She should have never been allowed to have full custody of her kids without proper supervision. It’s important for the Black community to remove the stigma of seeking mental health, and for the government officials to ensure that more people have access to mental health services.

Williams is currently under suicide watch in the Fulton County Jail.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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  1. This bitch is not mental. She burned her kids to get back at the father, and that’s why she Facebook’d it. She deserves the death penalty, only after getting beaten in prison.

  2. This is a dam shame a mother put her kids in a hot oven. What the hell she was thinking. And if she had a mental issue , why wasn’t the children services not involved with this mother and children’s. I hope this mother rots in jail. Too many children are being killed by their parents. Their are so many women who can’t have children and there’s the mothers who don’t want their children. If a mother can’t cope with their children, dammit give them up for adoption. This is madness. I don’t know this mother, but she pissed me off with such cruelty.💔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾😡😡

  3. CLEARLY this woman had mental health issues. People claiming she not are tripping. NO ONE in their right mind does this to children. Her family failed her. Her community failed her. I hope she gets the help she needs.

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