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Reality TV » ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast is rubbed the wrong way in episode 2

‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast is rubbed the wrong way in episode 2

Safaree and Dreamdoll Kiss on First Date, Photo Credit:

On episode two of this season’s Love & Hip Hop, things get hot and spicy when Navarro introduces his artist, Anais to Rich Dollaz. Rich questions how Navarro’s business partner and wife, Ashley feels about working with a woman as bodacious and unapologetic as Anais.

When DJ Self calls Safaree to assist with his new music talent, Dreamdoll, Safaree can’t help himself and wastes no time to ask Dreamdoll on a date. Although Safaree is his own man and is very intrigued by Dreamdoll, he struggles with the idea that his family would not approve of him dating another woman with the same characteristics and career path as Dreamdoll—they want him to settle down with someone who they consider nice and wholesome.

Rapper Jaquae is introduced to the storyline as the peace maker. He is determined to dead all issues between his friends Brittany and Bianca, after all they were once like family.

Meanwhile, Judy keeps tabs on her daughter-in-law, Yandy Smith-Harris, and reports her “less than wife like behavior” to Mendecees—mom volunteers to be son’s eyes while he’s away serving time. But, the line in the sand is quickly drawn by Yandy after Judy shows up to her YELLE Beauty launch event and attempts to cover Yandy’s appropriately mature outfit with an old dusty granny sweater in front of important business people and professional industry guests.

More drama arises as Mariahlynn’s hot, new beau James R. is all into Mariahlynn but not so into her manager, DJ Self. Although the relationship between Mariahlynn and DJ Self is respectful and professional, R. wants to be the only man in Mariahlynn’s life to make her feel special and accommodate her needs, whether business or personal.

Cast mates Anais and Jonathan, Photo Credit: @therealanais IG