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Safaree Samuels ‘can’t believe’ he split from Nicki Minaj

Photo credit: Instagram – @iamsafaree

Safaree Samuels still “can’t believe” he has split from Nicki Minaj.

The 36-year-old rapper took to Twitter to lament about the end of his decade long relationship with the “Superbass” hitmaker, who he split from in 2014, as he revealed their plans to have children together.

In a now-deleted post on Twitter, he wrote, “I really want a kid. Nicki, you were supposed to have my child. I can’t believe this is life. (sic)”

It comes after another of Nicki’s exes Meek Mill admits he was left heartbroken after he split from the 34-year-old singer.

He told Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio station, “It was a win. I got Nicki when I was … like I came up. I always wanted Nicki my whole life. I use to talk … remember I had the rap about it. I bagged that. So that was a win of course.

“Of course breaking up with anyone you love is a loss. Period. Game time. Want me to make up a lie or something? It’s so easy to tell the truth now.”

Nicki and Safaree split in 2014 after a huge fight which reportedly ended with Minaj allegedly smashing a Mercedes-Benz with a baseball bat and throwing his clothes in the trash.

Back in 2015, Nicki blasted her ex-boyfriend Safaree for “misleading” her fans by insisting Nicki still regularly contacts him.

He cryptically tweeted, “Show him the email you sent me on my birthday. If were not 2gthr u shouldnt be questioning me about old shit at all. thats not moving on. (sic)”

However, the “Anaconda” hitmaker hit back, insisting her current boo knows all about their occasional conversations and accused him of “misleading” her fans.

She wrote, “He knows when u hit me. He sees the entire convo so don’t purposely try to be misleading. That’s corny if it’s true. Wish u the best. (sic)”


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