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Singer and actor Tyrese is at it again.

After telling his fans that friends Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him $5M to, in part, stay off social media (which the Hollywood power couple denies) he has hopped from Instagram to Facebook to orchestrate another campaign plea, this time in support of his wife — so that he can stay married.

Tyrese used FB to post a video and a message asking “women of God” to help his wife out.

Powerful women of God, cause you guys seem to show UP for each other this is your moment,” he wrote.

He continued, “I’ve always showed up for you. Your events your moments I️ am simply asking that you show up for my wife ….

So that I can stay married… my WIFE, who is now pregnant, is the new President of The Love Circle Foundation could really use some help…. You see this? Oprah, Elaine Wynn, Bill and Melinda Gates? Love angel Jada-Pinkett Smith Or maybe Priscilla Zuckerberg? Just asking…” he wrote, linking to the Love Circle Foundation ( 

I really wanna stay married… I REPEAT… I DO,” he added.

The multi-dimensional post contains several other links to projects like Tyrese’s Black Rose album and his book, How to Get Out of Your Own Way as well as a plug for, which Tyrese explained was “teaming up with Tom Joyner and UNCF to HELP put our our babies through college. It’s my lack of education that had me damn near go CRAZY over this custody case…. You listening? My lack’ of education.”

This is the latest in a long line of social media posts from the singer and star of Fast and Furious franchise, and the latest after breaking down on the internet over the tumultuous custody battle against his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. Tyrese said the prolonged legal battle to keep his daughter, Shayla, in his life has left him broke.

Some speculate this is a new tactic at making some money.

His post is also accompanied by a video in which his carpenter details his own similar custody fight. The man’s face and voice are distorted to maintain his anonymity.

Later in the video, Tyrese breaks down in tears before heading out for another day of court. Tyrese donned Chuck Taylor sneakers as a “silent protest” in honor of “all of the men in all of the ghettos around the world who didn’t have the money to have better representation for their case and accusations.”


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4 Responses to “Tyrese pleads with Black women to support his wife because he has bills”

    • Guest

      I’ve seen this with a few of my family members that suffer from mental illness. Social media acts as their outlet for their passive aggressiveness. It is also like keeping a personal journal or diary but instead they are sharing it with the world. They don’t get that this only exacerbates the illness because they are so detached from reality

  1. nosey rosy

    this behavior he has is a misdiagnois syndrom, known to effect black men with issues growing up . they either had no father in the home , or watched their moma with dead beat men ,, who didnt take care of their own kiids yet was with tyrese moma sponging , and abusing her kids ,,, . this is key to why black men over 22 start acting a certain way , even if they never had juvenile crimes , or went to college dont matter , this is a defect of the mind , most pschologist dont deal with it because its black men who have this illnes plus not any of the black men effected will seek help .. they feel this is just a charactor flaw . .
    they feel someone has done them wrong on all aspects , women love marriage kids , they have major mental issues . they have no social skills , and are extreme narcassisst most of them ..
    tyrese is classifc , he is a celebrity which brings it to the public eye , just thing ,, white men already see black men as weak , ,now to hear him on fb and twitter , crying like a punk , and swearing its olk ?
    that wife is planning her escape she is scared cause ,, he has beat a woman , and now a child ,, wonder where the wife was wen , he beat his kid ? she now know he is violent , she may stay for a minute if she is pregnant but as soon as she have that kid , ,he gonna have more child support to pay ,, and this time he gonna sh..t bricks .. fool just a dam fool

  2. The Power Broker

    Dude is pathetic … Still running his mouth. One day he is flaunting “his wealth” next day he is asking for financial help. Wanna stay married? Get off of social media and work on staying married. Embarrassing smh

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