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Tyrese shares how to detect if your Valentine’s love is real or transactional

Tyrese knows when love is just a 1-way street

Valentine’s Day is a day of appreciation for that special person in your life. Still, sometimes, it’s hard to know if it’s just a two-way street or if it’s transactional. Sometimes, both parties will feel the love; other times, only one person will feel like they’re giving their all. In contrast, the other sits back and takes it all in without giving anything in return. Tyrese probably wouldn’t consider himself a love doctor. Still, in one of his latest singles, “Love Transaction,” the R&B singer lets his listeners know that love shouldn’t cost a thing and that both people should feel special in whatever they plan to do.

Tyrese recently spoke with rolling out about his latest role in the Peacock film BOSCO and also shared how people can know if their love is real or transactional.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, can you tell us how we can know if it’s love or transactional?

I think if you are in a relationship, and it feels like the only time you get good energy and vibrations out of somebody is when you’re doing something for them, you have to know the difference between speaking somebody’s love language versus being used and taken advantage of. 

Right now, there are a lot of different ways to use people. You can use people for clout on social media and use it for money; you can use them for your access. There is a lot of value in who you are and the things that you have access to, so it’s very normal for us to want to share and give people access to our lives and our worlds. But how do you feel about yourself at the end of every night after interacting with this person should tell you everything about genuine versus disingenuous intentions. We live in a world right now, sadly, where love feels like business because people aren’t loyal to you; they’re loyal to their needs of you. Once their needs are met, you’re disposed of like a dirty tampon. You just have to really be diligent, watch and monitor, and just kind of notice the energy vibrations and who you think and believe someone’s intentions are towards you, your life, your business, the things that you have access to, and all the above.

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