Tiffany Evans discusses her growth in the music business

Tiffany Evans discusses her growth in the music business
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Singer-songwriter Tiffany Evans knows how to navigate the music business. Since appearing on “Star Search” in 2003, this talented musician has continued to expand her knowledge of music. Her 2007 breakout hit, “Promise Ring” put her on the radar, and since then, she’s continued to make upbeat R&B records (“I’m Grown,” “Baby Don’t Go,” “100 Percent”) with her most recent record being “Textin’ My Ex” feat. T-Pain.

You’ve been in the music business for over 10 years now. Starting out, what were some of your early goals when you were developing your talent?

I always hoped that people saw my growth as I was growing up in the business. And still to this day I feel that way. My career has been long and progressive, but one of my main goals now is for people to witness the performer I’ve become! I want to one day headline my own tour. I hope to be nominated one day and kill my first award show performance. I’m just excited to perform and showcase that side of me, as well as the music.

“Promise Ring” was your breakout hit in 2007, featuring Ciara. What advice would you give your younger self during that time frame? Because some listeners still view you in that light, even though it’s been 10 years since the release of “Promise Ring.”

After “Promise Ring,” I took a break to grow personally. I was going through a depression because I felt I wasn’t being heard the way I really wanted to be heard. The advice I would give my younger self is to not compare my journey with another person’s journey. We all get to our goals differently. I understand why people still see me in that light. They haven’t had much chance to consistently see how much I’ve grown, how the music has changed and become more of the true Tiffany. But the point is that when they do, it’ll not only be a shock, but I know they will embrace it because it’s genuine.

How do you balance your music career and motherhood? Especially in this time of social media and engagement.

That’s a really great question. My babies are always first. On the business side, it can get hectic. You must prioritize what’s important and what’s not. I just try to remind myself that what’s for me is for me and I won’t be missing anything if I keep putting the work in. Social media has made it easy for me to connect directly with my fans, which I love. I do make time to stay engaged because this is the era we are in and it’s just important to not lose that connection that’s being built.

Your Christmas single, “All I Want” is a trap R&B twist to a classic Christmas record. What was the process behind “All I Want,” and how do you and your family get into the holiday spirit?

It’s my first Christmas record. I didn’t want to do anything traditional. I like rocking the boat sometimes. I’m a dancer as well and I wanted that bounce. That’s how me and my family come together for the holidays anyway — food, music and dance. My production group The Assembli (myself, my writing partner GoTo, and a producer named WAV) did the production for the song. The Colleagues came in and co-produced as well and it just turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

Your music, look, and content has evolved over the years. On “Textin’ My Ex” feat. T-Pain, you sound mature and confident. Explain how “Textin’ My Ex” came about, and what can we expect from your forthcoming project in 2018.

I was at a party with T-Pain, where he was the DJ. He was like, “Tiffany you need to let me executive produce your new project.” He kept saying it over the mic, so I knew he was serious. We eventually met up several times in the studio. We vibed out to music for his album. He wanted me to get on “Textin’ My Ex,” so we did it. I got to co-write the track too, which I thought was dope.

I’m working on a new project that I’m excited about. It feels like a new beginning for me. I can’t wait to reveal it.

Check out her Christmas single, “All I Want” on Spotify.

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