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Police found gun used in Tupac’s murder, tested, then lost it

Police found gun used in Tupac's murder, tested, then lost it
Source: Instagram – @2pac

There has been a startling allegation in the 1996 shooting death of rap legend Tupac Shakur. The producers of the A&E documentary “Who Killed Tupac?” have told TMZ that police actually found the gun that was used to kill Tupac. The gun was found in the backyard of a known member of the Crips, it was described as being a .40 Glock.

The person who found the gun turned it over to the Compton Police Department, which then turned it over to the LAPD two years later after the departments merged. It was confirmed through ballistic tests that it was the gun used to kill Tupac in Las Vegas. According to documentary producers, federal prosecutors were concerned about gang violence breaking out given that the weapon was linked to the Crips and the gun was never sent to Las Vegas police. Now, no one knows where the gun is located.

The producers stated that current and retired members of the LAPD who were involved in the case gave conflicting statements that the gun never was received or they were unsure.

Suge Knight blamed his ex-wife Sharitha and former Death Row Records security chief Reggie White Jr., for the Tupac murder, which he said was a failed attempt on his life.

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