Did Kevin McCall threaten Chris Brown over shooting rumor?

Did Kevin McCall threaten Chris Brown over shooting rumor?
Photo Credit: Facebook – @kevinmccall

Kevin McCall found himself in a dangerous situation this weekend when reports revealed that the singer had been shot in the foot in broad daylight in South Central Los Angeles. Since then, rumors have been spreading about who is responsible for the shooting and some are saying that it’s McCall’s arch nemesis, Chris Brown. Well, McCall isn’t too happy about the rumors that Brown could be the culprit because he recently posted some tweets about Brown that now have fans wondering if things will get deadly between the two.

For those that don’t know, McCall explained to TMZ recently that he was coming out of a convenient store last Wednesday when he heard gunshots being fired. The singer says he bolted and that it wasn’t until after he ran off that he realized that he’d been shot in the foot.

“Next thing I know I ran and when I looked down I didn’t even know I was hit. I just looked down and it was a hole in my boot and it was leaking. I didn’t even wanna take it off, I was scared. I didn’t even get to see who it was,” said McCall.

The singer was taken to a hospital in Inglewood and he learned that he had three broken toes and a broken tibia from the gunshot.

Initially, rumors spread that McCall shot himself in the foot, which he denied. But rumors also spread that Brown might have had his goons shoot McCall. It didn’t take long for McCall to go on Twitter and post some shocking tweets about Brown and his daughter, Royalty.

“Chris Brown and his Seed would be in the casket if he had anything to do with me being shot. STOP playing with rumors or I can’t promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive 7 years in L.A. don’t take the humbleness you see in me as weakness Chris wouldn’t have a head to tattoo on,” McCall allegedly wrote in the deleted post.

The tweet quickly caused an uproar amongst fans, who criticized McCall’s threat. However, McCall defended his statement, saying it wasn’t a threat to Brown or his daughter and that he doesn’t promote “evil.” Instead, he explained that he was just speaking on how life goes in L.A.

“I don’t see wat I said wrong. The Bible says and eye for and eye…Chris didn’t do it so don’t bring his name up in my life and death situation because you playing with gossip but L.A ain’t a game. I didn’t threaten anyone I told you how life would play out. I saved him hella X’s,” McCall wrote in a tweet.

He later wrote, “I’m not putting the baby in it I’m saying leave them out because the person who shot me tries to do a hit on him and his baby for 500$ you don’t know the type of EVIL I combat on the daily you just into negativity energy -Death culture – and TABLOIDS- Black people wake the UP.”

McCall then mentioned Brown’s Twitter page directly and assured that he was not threatening Brown or his daughter.

“They only time I would mention @chrisbrown and ROYALTY in the same sentence is the 3 million dollars in #ROYALTIES he owes me for look at me now/other songs he removed my name/credit on because I was un-educated and un-protected contractually- I don’t promote EVIL so self reflect,” McCall wrote.

So do you believe that McCall was just speaking hypothetically about Brown or do you think his tweet crossed the line? Let us know in the comments.

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