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Securian chief diversity officer Kristi Fox gives insight on job opportunities

Securian chief diversity officer Kristi Fox gives insight on job opportunities
Kristi Fox (Photo Credit: Tigner Rand for Steed Media Service)

Rolling out recently spoke with Kristi Fox, chief diversity officer of Securian Financial Group, at the 2017 People of Color Career Fair in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fox discussed Securian’s conscious efforts to present more work opportunities for women and people of color, including entry level and management positions. She also offered helpful tips to potential candidates who are currently seeking a job or new career.

Read what she has to say about Securian Financial as a growingly diverse company.

How did the concept of diversity inclusion inspire Securian to participate in the 2017 People of Color Career Fair?
This is our first time attending a career fair and we’re just so happy to be here. I’ve recently been named the chief diversity officer in July [2017] and that’s a demonstration of Securian’s commitment to this important work. Really having a more diverse community around the Twin Cities helps with diversity of thought, which is good for all of us- for our businesses, for our people, for attaining our associates and employees, and for just building a network in a community around our Twin Cities. [We’re] so happy to be here and to be part of this amazing event.

Is there a particular part of Securian where you are looking to enhance diversity and inclusion?
It’s really all parts. We have about 3,000 employees located in downtown St. Paul from entry level all the way up to senior management. We’re interested in pursuing a more diverse culture as it relates to all dimensions of diversity, with an emphasis on people of color and women in management.

What are some of the key characteristics that Securian is looking for amongst their diverse candidates?
We’re looking for candidates who represent strong problem solving skills, curiosity, a willingness to be a part of a team and to really contribute their best and give all of themselves to work. We’re here as an organization to support that and to be a community where you want to come in and work every day.

How did technology play a role in Securian wanting to diversify their employee population?
Technology continues to change, and we have to be adaptable and agile as we transform all of our businesses as consumers and as an employer. We’re looking to use our digital and other technology job openings in order to draw even more diverse talent to our organization.

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