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Did this demand and a refusal by Mo’Nique stop her $3M Netflix deal?

Mo’Nique and Sidney Hicks

According to gossip Instagram blog, The Industry On Blast, MoNique had a chance at a $3M payday. However, the Oscar-winning actress and comedienne had a little bit of a pride issue that cost her big time. The following was posted to The Industry On Blast Instagram page:


The controversy with NETFLIX and actress/comedian MoNique just won’t end! She keeps making videos and doing interviews about only being offered $500k. 😎 A source speaking on anonymity at Netflix said they are unbothered. “Mo’nique contacted Us to work on a stand up comedy special as her return to the circuit and we spoke about it”. The source then went on to explain that since she and her husband contacted them that they only had a limited budget for her project which much of the staff felt was minimal projected views. They asked Mo’nique if she would audition for the staff and if chosen she’d get a $3 million payment for the special and she refused. She asked if DaveChappelle or KevinHart had to audition and then went on a rant about how she is an AcademyAward winner. They agreed she was talented and offered her a $500k payment. Netflix is confused at the amount of time and energy she has put into this negotiation and alleges that if she had gone about it the right way, “contract’s would have been signed” 🙃 Damn Mo, so you felt like you were too good to audition after you sought a netflix special? That’s wild. LeeDaniels said u did that when he said thank the academy for voting you as winner and you said hell no! Blasties, what do you think?

A post shared by The Industry On Blast (@theindustryonblast) on Jan 23, 2018 at 8:22am PST