Comedic juggernaut Lala explains her viral success on social media

Photo credit: Instagram – @lalasizahands89

If you’re a consistent Instagram user, then you will recognize the face of Lala, aka “LaLaSizaHands89.” The social media superstar, along with equally yoked partner in comedy “BlameItOnKway,” has made millions of people laugh for over three years now. She’s attracted the attention of superstars such as Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and 21 Savage. With her colorful wigs, eye-catching makeup, and gut-busting comedy, she’s not even close to being finished yet.

How did you get started with comedy on social media?
I got started on social media while being at home with a lot of time on my hands and I noticed that everyone was doing videos and getting free stuff. I wanted to get some free stuff, too, so I started producing content.

When celebrities such as Rihanna, Lala, and Issa Rae started to gravitate toward the characters, videos, and skits that you showcase, how did that feel?
When celebrities started gravitating to my videos, I was super excited and surprised. It was the craziest thing! People who I once watched on TV and admired were now watching me. The feeling is still surreal to this day.

You’re very outspoken about who you are as a person and you share so much of your process with your fans. Did you expect to step into this position as a role model and inspiration for women around the world?
I never expected to be a role model and, honestly, I don’t refer to myself as one either. Being a role model comes with a lot of responsibility that I would rather not take on. I’d like to think I’m just living my truth publicly and if one aspect of my life happens to be relatable or helpful to someone, then so be it.

You come up with high-quality comedy videos that go viral in a matter of minutes. Is there a long process producing such content?
The process of creating content can definitely be a long process. A lot of times, everything that is relatable has already been done so it’s a matter of putting your own creative spin on the video in order to make it go viral. Even when you come up with the content, you must execute it properly in order for it to be great. Sometimes the videos flop when we were expecting it to do amazingly.

Hosting has been another creative lane for you. From New York Fashion Week to the BET Awards, what would you say is the most special hosting gig you’ve done?
Personally, I don’t have a hosting gig that’s most special to me. Every gig that I’ve done has been amazing because I got to meet people who appreciate my craft and wanted to meet me. That’s my favorite part of each booking.

Knowing that you can build a digital legacy in today’s world, how will you continue to leave your digital imprint through entertainment?
I will continue to put out creative content and strive to reach new followers and audiences. I want to touch the world with my comedy.

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