8 lit Valentine’s Day proposal tips by Courtney Ajinca to make the day sizzle

Courtney Ajinca (Photo credit: Jeremy the Director)

Valentine’s Day is the optimal day for lovers to take their relationships to the next level. Whether you are the one popping the question or being proposed to, you want the day to be memorable. Millennial and celebrity event planner Courtney Ajinca is the Queen of Valentine’s and a hopeless romantic who has some great ideas to make your proposal over the top.

Here, she offers tips for a proposal that suits your budget.

Expensive proposal:

Hire a car service
Reserve a private car through a limousine company for the evening. Not having to drive allows you to fully enjoy each moment together.

Make it private
Reserve a private dining room in your favorite restaurant (or reserve the whole restaurant) and customize the menu with your honey’s favorite dishes. Dimming the lights and lighting lots of candles creates a backdrop for a wonderful evening ahead.

Sure, you surprise them with roses all of the time, but this is your chance to go all out! Have large floral arrangements consisting completely of red roses made and situate them within the private dining space. Scatter rose petals throughout the room to create a passionate scene and light a lot of candles. Most expensive restaurants will coordinate this for you if you give them advance notice.

I’ve found that smooth jazz music creates an ambience unmatched. Hire a violinist or saxophonist to play smooth music for you throughout the meal. The soothing music will allow you both to relax and will set the atmosphere for the perfect proposal.

Budget proposal: 

It’s Valentine’s Day. You have your sweetie and you want to plan the perfect proposal. Follow these tips to ignite the senses and create the perfect proposal without breaking the bank.

Set the mood
Dinner by candlelight is one thing that will never go out of style. Dimming the lights and lighting a few candles works to create a romantic ambience that will set the mood for the night ahead.

A light shoulder massage can ease tension and allow you both to relax and take in the scenery.

Ignite the passion with lots (and lots) of red roses. Buy 4 dozen roses from your local florist. Use 2 dozen to place in a vase on the table or to give to your partner and use the remaining to scatter rose petals throughout the room. You can create a shape such as a heart lined with small votive candles, spell out ‘I love you,’ or scatter them freely throughout the room. Red roses are so romantic; you could never go wrong.

Do you share a favorite song that provokes warm memories? Hire a violinist to play it over dinner. The soothing sounds of the violin will create an experience that every heart desires. To save money, create a playlist on your phone that can play throughout dinner.

Now the time has come for you to propose. With these tips, you’ll be sure to hear “Yes.”

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