Will Packer blasts Mo’Nique for comparing him to disgraced Harvey Weinstein

Will Packer blasts Mo'Nique for comparing him to disgraced Harvey Weinstein
Mo’Nique (Photo: Instagram/therealmoworldwide)

Famed filmmaker Will Packer is getting tired of comedienne Mo’Nique putting his name in her mouth and then spitting it out onto the sidewalk to step over.

Mo’Nique audaciously (and some say recklessly) compared the prolific movie producer (Girls Trip, Think Like a Man, Ride Along) to the disgraced Harvey Weinstein as she fired shots at him again while she was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” late last week.

Packer has decided to clap back at the Oscar-winning actress, but without spitting poison. The two famously clashed continuously on the set of Almost Christmas, and Packer’s name has come up during Mo’Nique’s one-woman crusade to protest Netflix’s low ball offer for her to do a special on their streaming service.

On the show, Charlamagne tha God, whom Mo’Nique referred to by his government name of Lenard, vehemently contested Mo’Nique’s stance to compare Packer to the vile Hollywood producer who allegedly sexually assaulted and raped scores of women over four decades.

Here’s a quick recap of the radio interview:

Mo’Nique:”You know the guy Harvey Weinstein, he was able to do that for how many years? Do you think this is a unique situation? Do you think people are fearful to speak out when they’re mistreated.”

Charlamagne: “There’s a difference between mistreatment and sexual assault Mo’Nique. You can’t put out false equivalencies about people.”

Sidney Hicks: “Wait a minute Charlemagne, you’re absolutely right but mistreatment is mistreatment.”

Charlamagne: “You can’t paint Will with the same brush as Harvey Weinstein.”

The contentious discussion eventually spilled onto social media:

This is where Packer decided to jump into the fray to defend himself.

What do you think of Mo’Nique’s tireless and relentless crusade against Neflix and racial and gender bias in the industry? Do you believe Packer took the right stance in this ongoing feud?

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