Review: Are Nyakio beauty products truly for all skin types?

Source: Instagram @nyakiobeauty

Let’s face it: anytime we read a product is “2-n-1” or “for all skin types,” we immediately think it’s a scam — until now. Nyakio is a sulfate and paraben free skincare brand that prides itself on offering products that contain global beauty secrets, cultural traditions, and indigenous ingredients sourced through Community Commerce to support women’s employment and empowerment.

Excited to try the products for ourselves, we sampled an array of Nyakio products on three different skin types and ages to see if the products truly live up to their name. Read on as we break down the best Nyakio products for specific skin types.


Source: Instagram @nyakiobeauty

Oily Skin (15-Year-Old Male)

Problem Areas: unbalanced skin, hormonal breakouts, dark spots

Our Faves (in order of application): Kenyan Coffee Lip Scrub, Chinese Rice Exfoliating Cleansing Powder, Marula & Neroli Brightening Oil, Baobab Youth- Infused Daily Defense Creme Moisturizer.

Oil for oily skin? You read correctly. Application of all of the products left the skin balanced and smooth. After hours of wear, the skin wasn’t a oily as it usually is and left the skin looking bright and supple.


Source: Instagram @nyakiobeauty

Oily to Dry Skin (23-Year-Old Female)

Problem Areas: excessive oil in T-zone, skin becomes dry and cracked after cleanse, skin sensitivity

Our Faves (in order of application): Kenyan Coffee Lip Scrub, African Black Soap Purifying Mud Mask, Maracuja & Yangu Soothing Oil, Baobab Youth- Infused Daily Defense Creme Moisturizer.

Similar to the product application for oily skin, the model with combination skin mainly needed a perfect balance of natural oils on her skin. Using the purifying mud mask gentlly cleansed the skin while the soothing oil added the perfect protective barrier for moisture.


Source: Instagram @nyakiobeauty

Dry Skin (40-Year-Old Female)

Problem Areas: visible pores, excessive dryness, under eye puffying

Our Faves (in order of application): Kenyan Coffee Lip Scrub, African Black Soap Purifying Mud Mask, Manketti & Mafura Anti-Aging Oil, Quinoa De-Puffing & Firming Eye Cream, Baobab Youth- Infused Daily Defense Creme Moisturizer.

Along with needing a balanced skin, the dry skin model’s skin is a lot older than the other two models, however, the Nyakio used still reached every need the skin needed. After application of the products, the skin instantly felt tighter and pores became less visible.


Overall, Nyakio products are true to its name and branding. After testing multiple and same products on different skin types, Nyakio proved its worth and met every need.


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