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BeyHive drags Kim Kardashian after Beyonce’s masterpiece Coachella performance

Kim Kardashian. Photo: [email protected]

Beyoncé completely shut down Coachella. She dominated the scene and stage so thoroughly and devastatingly that fans and media began calling the annual mega-music fest #Beychella. Right after her performance, Queen Bey trended four different times in the top ten of Twitter nationwide.

Bey also made history in the process, as she was quick to inform the throngs of screaming fans who thundered when she made her long-anticipated entrance.

“Y’all ready Coachella?,” she coo’d. “Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first Black woman to headline,” Beyoncé said, before singing “Run the World (Girls).”

It was also a day of monumental Kim Kardashian dragging. As Beyoncé turned Coachella into a HBCU homecoming and Destiny’s Child reunion, a desert-thirsty reality star is getting dragged from Calabasas, California.

But why this time?, you may ask.

Looks like the dreaded and formidable #BeyHive is being proactive in its mauling of the egomaniacal, narcissistic and camera-hungry wife of Kanye West.

According to the BeyHive, Kardashian has a long history of trying to overshadow Queen Bey after every occasion Beyonce took over pop culture with a momentous announcement or jaw-dropping stage perfomance. Kimie Cakes would almost always follow up with a self-serving and trifling stunt, most prominently her proclivity to post naked pictures of herself.

The Hive also did not forget how Kardashian announced her use of a surrogate immediately after Bey Bey gave birth to her twins.

The Hive also remembers how Kardashian copied a Beyonce photo shoot to promote her cosmetics line, as HollywoodUnlocked pointed out on their Instagram page below: