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White woman arrested after assault on Black pregnant soldier (video)

Judy Tucker assaults U.S. soldier as her son looks on and smiles (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

If you do not live in the Deep South, you may not be aware of the level of racism that a Black person goes through. The latest tale of White people thinking they can assault Black people at will played out in the city of Macon, Georgia, and left an ignorant White woman in handcuffs after an encounter with two Black female soldiers.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident started when two active duty officers in uniform were going to a restaurant and crossed paths with Judy Tucker, 72, and her son Robbie. The soldiers grew tired of waiting for the Tuckers trying to get in a handicapped parking spot and apparently briefly got in the way of the Tuckers’ car.

Judy Tucker and her son Robbie (Image source: YouTube Screen shot)

Robbie Tucker then followed the two soldiers into a local restaurant and began verbally assaulting them, calling them “gay Black b—-es” and yelling “does the military let lesbians serve?”

Soon his mother and sister get into the act and Judy decided to try to lay hands on Capt. Mitchell and her pregnant friend. Big mistake because someone was recording the whole incident on their cellphone. When police arrived Tucker and her family told a tale of being assaulted by the soldiers. But when the officers saw the video, it was a sobbing Judy Tucker who was led away in handcuffs for assault.

If the officers had not seen the video they might have arrested the wrong person. She was taken to the Bibb County Jail and posted a bond of $650 and was released. According to her Facebook page, she owns Tucker’s Judy Complete Art in Macon, Georgia. The company’s Facebook page is still up and is quickly filling with negative comments.

The video can be seen below: